Nash to Magic

There have been rumors swirling about the Magic going after Nash in a last attempt to keep Howard in Orlando past the deadline. I think there is potential here to make a trade that makes sense for both sides. Here's my proposal:

Suns get:

-Ryan Anderson

-J Nelson

-JJ Redick

-2012 1st rounder

Magic get:

-Steve Nash

-Channing Frye

Why the Suns do it:

Phoenix is stuck in mediocrity for a second straight year, and it seems like the right time to send Nash to a place where he has a chance to win. The Suns want to get youth in return, but seem adamant about retooling rather than rebuilding.

Anderson would give the Suns a young, viable starting option who is having a breakout year. A front court of Gortat and Anderson is one with great potential that could serve Phoenix well for years to come. Nelson is a serviceable pg, who paired with Aaron Brooks (if he ever returns from China) wouldn't leave us completely screwed at the point at least until we find a long term option. Redick gives us the shooting we need from a sg, and would be a better choice at starter than anyone we currently have while giving us a valuable trade chip moving forward. And, the 1st round pick gives us another pick in a deep draft or a trade chip.

This would leave Phoenix with a possible starting 5 of Nelson, Redick, Hill, Anderson, Gortat, and a bench of Price, Brown, Dudley, Morris, and Lopez. We would probably tank this season, end up with a high draft pick, and move forward with a core of (at least) Gortat, Anderson, Morris, and Redick, with some decent trade chips in Dudley, Lopez, and Nelson. Even if we can't land a big name in free agency, we could still go after guys like Dragic and Jeff Green. I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty excited/interested/optimistic going into next year with a young team of Dragic, Redick, Green, Anderson, Gortat, Brooks, Brown, Dudley, Morris, Lopez, and Suns high 1st rounder, Magic low 1st rounder.

Why the Magic do it:

They Magic seem adamant about keeping Howard in Orlando for at least the remainder of this season, with little indication that they plan on moving him for a guy like Bynum or STAT. Adding Nash and re-signing him for two years could at least convince Dwight to stick around for 2012-2013. This would also give Nash the opportunity to contend both this season and next - something we all want to see for him before he retires. A team of Nash, Richardson, Hedo, G Davis, and Dwight could definitely make some noise.


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