Lopez To Test Value On Open Market... Yikes!

An article just posted at the Arizona Repugnant details the contract status of Robin Lopez. In the article, Lon Babby is quoted:

"We have talked to see if there was any common ground worth pursuing and I'd say it's unlikely at this time," Babby said. "It's been a completely amicable process. There really isn't any basis for doing a deal and we'll look at it again in the summer."

I am not sure which way to take that. Does this mean Babby isn't interested in locking up Lopez at all, or does it mean they want to do a deal, but for a reasonable amount?
In any case, I think some of the points in the article are worth noting.

First, I am not sure it is such a great idea that Babby is discussing contract extensions [or lack of them] with the media. Let's face it, Lopez's time with Phoenix is quickly running out. There are only a few ways this can go:

A] He improves his play, does really well and he will get offers in restricted free agency we are not willing to match.

B] He improves his play, does really well and we leverage him in a trade to obtain players/picks.

3] He plays well enough to entice someone to inquire about him and we trade him at the deadline

C] He continues to play as he is currently, we look to dump him at the deadline.

D] He continues as now and we let him go to RFA and do not match anyone's offer sheet

5] His hair spontaneously combusts

In any case, i think it is highly unlikely he is in PHX much longer. Babby said as much. the funny thing is that I believe it is a mistake to say that. It would be in the Suns best interest to lie through their teeth and say how much they love Lopez and how valuable he is to this franchise. How else are you going to leverage any value out of trades for him? Telling the entire league that you aren't really interested in re-signing Lopez means they will all be on a bargain hunt.

The article also suggests that Lopez is interested in seeing what his value is on the open market. Obviously someone is going to overpay a 7 footer, so he ultimately will get offers in the 4 year 4-6M range, which I don't believe the Suns should mess with.

He is worth $1-2M over 3 years, with 2 guaranteed and a team option for the third - AT BEST. Lou Amundson was far more consistently effective than Lopez, despite being 5" shorter. He was a far superior defender, rebounder and wasn't that far behind Lopez offensively.

All-in-all, enjoy Lopez for the next two months, because at the trade deadline, he is all but a goner!

And welcome to our new 2nd round draft pick.

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