O.J. Mayo resurrection in Phoenix?

This article may be a bit premature, but since there is nothing positive to write about with the Suns previous two losses lets take a look at this up coming free agency.

First off lets start this off by saying, this free agency is going to get a lot less interesting, before the offseason because teams seem to be prepared to sign the star players very quickly. Kevin Love is reportedly going to re-sign for a paltry 65 mil over 4 years, which is ridiculous given his production. Also we recently saw Russell Westbrook extended as well, not that we wanted him.

So that leaves a series of overpaid B men who haven't performed to their potential. The only player I saw on the list that could fulfill our desperate need for a solid 2 guard is O.J. Mayo. However, O.J. has not performed up to his potential night in, and night out. Last season his production dropped off from nearly 20 ppg to 11.3, however this was largely because he was coming off the bench. We all know that Mayo can still fill up the stat sheet doing so twice in the past 3 games first with 22 and then with 20 points. I think given the chance we could see his numbers rise to a 23 ppg player as well as having the ability to do it with relative efficiency.

Mayo is also an above average defender for his size, because he is quick laterally and knows how pick a players pocket averaging 1 per game in his 4 year career. He has a good vertical and a low turnover rate considering he is a largely successful one on one player making him a decent all around player. Although not an elite passer and rebounder he is able to make smart decisions in crunch time as well as hit big shots when the game is on the line.

My only hope is that he continues to fly under the radar on a team that he is largely expendable with the re-insertion of Rudy gay. If so the Phoenix Suns could find a steal in a very talented player.

One major hiccup for the Suns is actually in it's best player. Though it has been hard to see when the Suns were incredibly potent at the offensive end in years past, now it is clear as day that Steve Nash doesn't thrive in a system where another player needs the ball in his hands a great deal to score.

Michael Redd has been quoted as saying that he is finding it hard to get his shots because he is used to being the guy with the basketball, now this ins't the only reason Redd has not performed to potential yet. However, it seems to be the reason that Joe Johnson wasn't considered an elite shooting guard until he was on the Hawks. Jason Richardson thrived in Phoenix because he is an off the ball player, largely scoring by finding his corners or cutting to the basket, we have never really had a superstar shooting guard to needs the offense to flow through him. This is why I think until the Suns find an alternative at point guard we will have to play ball the way Steve plays ball. (Don't take this as a shot to one of my favorite players)

If we can manage to pick up the underrated Mayo in the free agency, which shouldn't be a problem given his rocky history with the Grizzlies, then we can also use the money we still have in cap space to fill in our obvious problems at backup center as well as point guard and power forward, although I don't think Frye will continue like this.

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