Phoenix Suns Crush Milwaukee Bucks 109-93

The Phoenix Suns bucked the early season trend of low scoring first quarters and cold shooting games Sunday night against the Milwaukee Bucks by hitting their first five shots from the field while Steve Nash dished 10 assists. The squad that had looked as though they had never seen one another before functioned like that well oiled machine we saw against the Blazers as the Suns broke out 13-19 shooting and an 18-10 lead in the first period.

After outscoring Milwaukee in the 2nd by 5, the Suns busted up the Bucks 34-19 in the third quarter...the game was over for all intents and purposes after that.

Looking up and down the stat sheet the Suns looked like a balanced, quality club:

And here is where your boy starts raving about things...MARKIEFF MORRIS...Listen, he's young, he's bound for ups and downs, but this kid has the mental makeup that prior draft choices like Earl Clark don't have...13 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks. The kid makes things look easy, he never looks rattled, he lets the game come to him, and he busts his cojones out there. If you've been critical of the Suns FO and their history on developing youngsters, well, check this out...the alleged better brother, Marcus, he's in the D Leagues and Markieff is quickly becoming a vital cog in the Suns attack... CHANNING FRYE...yeah its great when he picks up double digit boards, but the Suns squad is 100% more difficult to defend when this guy starts draining threes. I mentioned it in the preview, and you saw it tonight. He stretches the floor and creates serious matchup problems...


  • YOUR Phoenix Suns shot 56% from the field and 45% from beyond the arc-SEASON HIGHS
  • YOUR Phoenix Suns scored 20 fast break points
  • which is why it didn't much matter the Suns were out-rebounded 38-40



"I thought Steve did a good job of opening up the offense and we made shots...that's the time when you need to get separation and I was a little was a total team win and a win we needed to have...You always want to take care of business at home before you go on a road trip...i thought Shannon Brown was much more aggressive today although he's still feeling his way around."


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Bucks vs Suns boxscore

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