Marshall to D League and Diante to be 3rd string.

When your team doesn`t make the playoffs and you get a semi decent pick, the fanbase is nothing but desperate too see that pick turn things around. Sadly we can`t really expect that from Kendall Tucker Marshall.

Although the 21 year Point Guard sensation rookie from North Carolina was thought to be the best passer in the United States, the adjustments he is going to make to translate that part of his game to the NBA level might take him a while. His shooting was never his forte but he was able to score when open, he also wasn`t known to be a defender but he sure could pass and dammit that`s not the only thing we are expecting from him.

He is working his way to be a NBA player, as he said himself on his tweeter feed he is a baby cub. So we go back to Summer League, where he look pretty awful the first two games but then he had two remarkable games in which he had 10 points, 6 assists, 3 steals and 3 rebounds and then 15 points, 10 assists and 4 rebs.

There was also another Point Guard in that Summer Leaguer roster,Diante Garret. The 23 year old former Iowa State guard, who had already played in Croatia and France. He looked ``special`` from time to time, with his speed explosion and his scoring. His numbers however were not better than Marshall with just one game with 10 assists and 8 points, the others are not worth mentioning.

So why in hell would i think it is a better option to leave the so acclaim PG of the future in the D League and try Garret this season ? Simple. We want to get to playoffs.

There is no really doubt that Garret has talent to play at the NBA, as 3rd string PG at least, but he has something Marshall does not. He has an NBA ready body type along with international experience, something you want from a guy who might play big minutes as back up point guard if a injury makes a enter into our PG position. While Marshall gets his ass burn in DLeague with rosters full of anxious players looking to look better and get a call. He will be training his body agaisnt hardworkers who lack talent but have the desire to make it, that might just be what our Kmarsh need to get ready.

I would say Marshall lacks shooting and defense, and he is body is not ready to play at the NBA level, he needs to get stronger and more athletic. Send him to D League would be a great fit mentally too, when he realizes how hard is to be an NBA player.

Diante Garret can play some SG too, so he can score and he is athletic enough to theoretically play defense.

Bottom line: I do believe KMarsh could be a good PG in the future, but he is just not there yet and this season is not going to provide him the minutes he needs to get better, he is just going to sit there for long periods of times and do horrible because of the lack of experience and work. Diante Garret would make a much better advantage of this limite minutes, and again, he is more ready to be a back up PG than Marshall is.

So what you guys think? Gentry is probably going to keep playing Marshall and Diante at same time for so little minutes, and i don`t think that is the right fit for anyone. Or maybe Marshall getting garbage time to learn how to shoot and play defense ? Don`t love the idea.

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