David Stern oversaw more than the expansion of the league.

He oversaw and orchestrated the destruction and downfall of the Phoenix Suns.


Be prepared for what I am about to tell you as it is not for the feeble minds. No, this is not just simply a scary story told by parents to frighten their aspiring, Phoenix Sun fans and children into obedience. No, this is not a Halloween tale told for entertainment purposes. If you are here to be entertained I suggest you leave. For this is a story about the Devil and as the old saying goes, "Play with fire and you get burned." This is a story about NBA Commissioner, David Stern. This is a story about his secret and personal agendas, operations and combinations that delve outside of normal NBA business. It is a tale more deep and twisted than one could possibly imagine. Again, I warn you. This is your last chance to leave as I am about to reveal unto you things you may wish you had never known.

Part 1: ParaStern Activity

It all began in the mid-2000's when David Stern developed a personal vendetta against Robert Sarver which is the source behind his great hate and distaste for the Phoenix Suns.

2007 was the first sure sign of this. Remember game 3 against the San Antonio Spurs? The game that saw Amar'e play only 20 minutes due to wrongfully called fouls? This was the game that put the Spurs up 2-1 in the series and it was the last playoff game officiated by infamous, former referee, Tim Donaghy. The Suns winning game 4 was not expected, but fortunately for Stern, Amar'e and Diaw left the bench during an altercation thus providing him with a perfect alibi to suspend Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw for game 5. Notice how zealous he was to defend his decision yet how merciful he was to not suspend two of the Celtics players for breaking the same rule the following year during a playoff game against the Hawks? What does is matter though...Stern would have made sure they lost game 5 regardless of the suspensions.

Now you think that's it? You think the Stern madness ended there? I'm sorry to say, but David Stern is the reason for Marion and Mike D'Antoni's departure and dismantling of the 7SOL offense. They say God works in mysterious ways, but many forget that the Devil can be a cunning, wily, twisted, son of Mitch!

There is great reason to believe that Stern convinced Marion that he was a great player, top 5 in fact, max worthy. He told Marion that he was undervalued, unloved and that Amar'e Stoudemire had been planning his demise for years and so he had to get out while he still could! Only, it wasn't that simple. Stern just didn't want Marion to ask out. He wanted Marion to ask out at the right time and for the Suns to trade him for the "right" player. He had to make sure that Phoenix would in no way benefit from Shawn's departure.

Yes, David Stern had a hand in nixing the trade that would have sent Marion to Boston and Kevin Garnett to Phoenix. Don't you find it odd that Marion scrapped a chance to play with Paul Pierce and Al Jefferson for a historic franchise, saying he would not re-sign with them? Yet, he did not say those same things to Miami, a team who had won only one Championship in their entire history, who's team was currently struggling and who's only star player was recovering from some serious injuries? David Stern. You also notice how Stern did not get involved when Kerr traded Marion for Shaq? Everybody knew except for us blind fans and FO that Shaq would only destroy 7SOL, not save it.

Now some may ask, why Marion? Because Shawn Marion was of the feeble mind. He struggled with self esteem and was a player who constantly needed to be coddled, thus he was easily the most corruptible of the renowned Phoenix Trinity.

After 7SOL died and Terry Porter and Shaq took control, David Stern's meddling with the Phoenix Suns ceased...for a while. There was no reason to meddle with the Suns after the Shaq trade. They were finished. Everybody had lost hope in the 7SOL offense including their own GM. This lead to Coach D's resignation and Terry Porter's hiring in the hope that changing the way they played would bring success. Only that is exactly what Stern had wanted all a long. He knew that the way the roster was constructed that it could never play any other way. Yes, not only did Stern destroy the Phoenix Suns greatest opportunity at a title, but he destroyed their game. He destroyed art. He laughed at it, mocked it, spit upon it, beat it with a baseball bat and tore it down, replacing it with this ugly, hideous, boring sham of an offense. He wanted us fans to suffer and he wanted us to blame Sarver for it. He framed Robert Sarver. David Stern foresaw all these events from the beginning and so after the Shaq trade he didn't need to do anymore because the strings had already been set in motion.

Although, even he knew that he could not keep the Suns down for long. After all, their city is named after the famed mythical bird. They would surely rise again and it was pretty inevitable as many could foresee Terry Porter's firing. Not to mention they still had two of the best players in the league in Nash and Amar'e. That's right. Amar'e Stoudemire was his next target and victim.

To be continued...

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