Suns Final Score: Heat beat Suns 97-88

Christian Petersen

Well the Suns made it interesting there. It seemed like just as the Heat would pull away, the Suns would claw back. The heat were just too much in the end.

With Dwayne Wade out and LeBron sick, the Suns had a perfect opportunity to steal a game from the defending champs. Although the Suns played well considering they were going up against the Heat, it wasn't good enough in tonight's game. The Suns fall to 4-7 after this loss and the Heat move to 8-3.

Let's talk impressions on tonight's game:

Jared Dudley should not start: Tonight's 5 points on 1-4 shooting is not going to cut it. It appears to me that he coasts and isn't able to create any sort of offense. Dudley is only averaging 8.9 points per game and is average, at best, on defense. My choice to replace him is P. J. Tucker. Tucker has quickly become a fan-favorite for the Suns, provides tremendous defense, and hustles every single minute he is on the floor. Start him Gentry, he has earned it over Dudley.

The Suns have to play perfectly to win: The Suns kept it close tonight, tied at halftime and only down 4 going into the fourth quater. Phoenix was in this game tonight throughout it all. The bench played well for Suns, but when Marcin Gortat, Dudley, and Luis Scola combine for 11 points, I don't expect the Suns to win. We can not have a weak link if we want to win close games against teams like the Lakers, the Heat, or the Bulls.

Dragic is our future: Dragic finished with 12 points, 8 assists, and 4 rebounds, the kid can play. If he can be slightly more consistent from 3-point range, he could be an all star. He plays good defense and can finish on the fast break. Although the Suns picked Marshall, I don't expect Dragic to lose the starting position anytime soon.

P. J. Tucker is the type of player that every coach wants: He leaves nothing on the court, he plays shutdown defense, and just finds himself in the right places at the right time. He is the definition of a hustler and I think he should start. Not only should he start, he should be put on the other team's top scorer right off the bat.

Looking ahead: The Suns have lost 4 out of their last 5 games and their wins haven't come against the greatest of competition. They host the Portland Trailblazers on Wednesday and could possibly get a win against them. If not against Portland, the Suns play New Orleans on Friday and could also get a win against the Hornets. We need a win, that much is clear.

Final - 11.17.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Miami Heat 23 29 23 22 97
Phoenix Suns 23 29 19 17 88

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