Recapping the Recaps: What others are saying about Suns over Pistons

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

It wasn't a heavyweight battle in any sense of the word, but the Suns showed grit and determination in pulling out the win despite another poor shooting effort. Shannon Brown was key in the fourth, while Dragic and Gortat and Scola were the steadiest.

Let's take a look at what others are saying about the Suns win on Friday night.

First thing's first, it's good to hear are thoughts on the game from the opponent's point of view:

Pistons start road trip with loss to Suns - Detroit Bad Boys

Phoenix took over early in the second quarter, and never really looked back. Detroit trimmed the lead a few times, including with a Kyle Singler three with four seconds left to trim the lead to two. But the threats never quite seemed serious.


Gortat did most of the damage for the Suns, as predicted by Garrett Elliott. 16/16/3, and looked mighty good throughout. He's better than Andrew Bynum. That's all.

Pistons' big guns falter as team opens road trip with loss to the Suns | The Detroit News |

Lawrence Frank said his team is at about the same stage the Phoenix Suns are in terms of development, a young team trying to find its way.

Coach Lawrence Frank, after the game: "At the end of the day, when you're missing open shot or things aren't going your way, you've got to be able to lock in and you've got to be able to defend. Our inability to get consistent stops during those dry spells determined the game."

Tayshawn Prince: "I think for us the second quarter was the difference. For us to play that well in the first half and to be down by eight or whatever at halftime, I think that was the most disturbing part because we played so well early."

And now, from the Suns point of view...

Suns hang season's first victory on balance | Fox Sports Arizona | Randy Hill

After the Halloween Night assault by the crooked-shooting Golden State Warriors, the Suns and mighty Detroit Pistons spent Friday night casting off in the low 40s. But unlike their performance in Wednesday's season-opening loss, Phoenix retrieved a reasonably high portion of the misses and walked away with a 92-89 victory.

Goran Dragic leads Phoenix Suns to win over Detroit Pistons - | Bryan Gibberman

Goran Dragic isn't Steve Nash and he never will be, but the Phoenix Suns' new starting point guard is creeping out of the two-time MVP's shadow.


The most impressive part when watching Dragic in his first year as a full-time starter is the patience he runs the pick-and-roll with. When the defense collapses on the roll man he doesn't force the ball and hits his secondary options.

Phoenix Suns hold off Detroit Pistons, earn first win of season | Arizona Republic | Paul Coro

When the Suns talked about having a defense-first mentality to roster-building, training camp and the season, they apparently were not joking.

Defense has been the first thing to show up for the Suns in their first two games, but they made it count Friday night.

There you have it, folks. My take on the game is coming later this morning, replete with quotes and notes.

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