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Kendall Marshall, WTF?

Suns rookie Kendall Marshall is with the Bakersfield Jam getting some D-league run. Here's the updates.

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WTH is up with Kendall Marshall

Kendall Marshall, second-best point guard in the 2012 NBA Draft. Lottery pick. North Carolina star and prolific tweeter (at least he used to be).

That's what he is. The big question is if he will ever be an NBA player and right now that answer is leaning towards, NO.

Through seven games in the D-league, here's Marshall's stats:

- 32mpg for a total of 225 minutes of burn

- Shooting .329 percent from the field. He's made just 26 of 79 shots!

- Shooting .167 from three! He's made just 3 of 18 attempts!!

- 7.1 assists per game is a solid D-league number (we knew he could pass)

- 3.29 turnovers per game isn't horrible considering how much he likely has the ball in his hands and

- His rebounding and steals numbers certainly don't jump off the page: 1.29 SPG / 3.4 RPG

Basically, Marshall right now is exactly what we feared he be coming out of a college and exactly what he was in summer league. He has great passing skill and sub-par everything else and that's never going to be good enough for the NBA.

I'm far more patient than most when it comes to young players (and most things sports-related) but this kid hasn't shown me any reason to think he'll be in the NBA three years from now.

Here's a few words from Gino from Ridiculous Upside where watching the D-league is their passion.

"I've kept tabs on (Marshall), not a ton of live viewing, but seems like he is more focused on distributing the ball, which he is improving on, his turnovers have been a little bit of an issue though. From a scoring standpoint he hasn't impressed me, but I like his ability to look for others and getting them involved. Shooting wise, his percentages havent been spectacular either. I'd say he needs to show me more on the scoring end. Body language isnt the greatest either."

And here's more from Ryan from Ridiculous Upside:

He's actually distributing the ball pretty well, but is not taking quality shots. His 33% from the floor is indicative of that.

He's forcing things a bit too much and not taking advantage of what the defense is offering. Bad decision making...and his turnovers have gone up...

He has quality players around him (Renaldo Major, Damon James and Brian Butch) yet he's not really in sync with them... They should be killing it with pick and pops and the iso option should be open since Butch is a big man who can hit the three, but these things really aren't happening.

Some players just struggle with a D-league assignment. JaJuan Johnson is a good example of this.

JaJuan Johnson isn't a lottery pick and neither is Tony Wroten (25th pick, 2012). Tony is putting up 13 ppg, 3.3 apg and shooting 37% (43.8% from three) in 23 mpg in six games in Reno.


Checking in on Kendall Marshall's Jam journey

Kendall Marshall has played four games with the D-league Bakersfield Jam. His numbers are not all that impressive.


Marshall, D-league 'volume shooter'

In Kendall Marshall's second D-league game the trend continued. The rookie PG known for his passing has clearly taken to heart the instruction that obviously mirrors what the team was telling him during summer league -- SHOOT THE BALL.

Marshall went 5-13 (0-3 from three) in his second game, a 109-95 win for the Jam.

His complete line was: 11 points, 10 assists, two steals, two turnovers three rebounds in 32 minutes. The starting point guard for the LA Defenders, Courtney Fortson is a 5-11 guard with some NBA experience.

Here's the box score.

And here's a very nice look at how different NBA teams are using the D-league to develop their young players. The trend in the NBA is to "own" your own D-league team like the Lakers and Spurs and Warriors do. The Suns, however, share the Jam with three other teams and therefor have less control over how things in Bakersfield are run.

NBA Teams Getting D-League Assignments Down To A Science - Ridiculous Upside

With so many direct affiliations between NBA and D-League squads, the parent squads are working things down to a science with regard to minor league assignments. Donning an NBA jersey one night, and a minor league one the next, is becoming the new norm as squads look to further the development of younger prospects.

If you missed the Marshall game because you were watching the Suns losing to the Grizzlies, we got you covered.


The Marshall Plan

Kendall Marshall played in his first significant minutes of the 2012-13 season in his debut with the NBDL Bakersfield Jam last night. With 21 points and 8 assists, Marshall showed off his NBA skills, impressing many who watched. Unfortunately, I am not easily impressed. See my review of his game here


Marshall 'outshines other D-league assignees

According to Keith Schlosser from Ridiculous Update (who's business is covering the D-league), Kendall Marshall was the best NBA player in the minors on Monday.

Here's part of his report:

Kendall Marshall Outshines Fellow NBA Assignees In D-League Debut - Ridiculous Upside

And that's when Marshall pounced and helped carry his team to victory. Early on, the young gun could be seen dishing and swishing as he found a nice steady rhythm while setting up Jenkins for easy shots. The Suns' rookie did finish with 8 assists for the Jam, but it was his aggressive nature on offense that eventually secured the win. Marshall asserted himself inside, attacking the basket, as he scored 6 late quarter points during a run that otherwise sunk the Warriors.

Read the rest at Ridiculous Upside.


Marshall dominates in D-league debut

Kendall Marshall fans have to be pleased with the impressive debut from their NC boy. Marshall won "player of the game" honors and put up an impressive stat line. He played 31 minutes and dropped eight assists but more importantly, was aggressive getting his shot. He pumped in 21 points on 7-18 shooting, including 6-8 from the line.

John Jenkins, a sharpshooting Atlanta Hawks rookie, had 22 points in the game. The Jam won 102-95.

I didn't get a chance to watch this game yet (you can see the replay here and download the box score here).

Marshall will get more run Tuesday night. The Jam take on the L.A. Defenders.

Here's highlights of the game via the D-league.


Watch Kendall Marshall's D-league Debut

Suns rookie Kendall Marshall is expected to get his first legit run since summer league as the D-league Bakersfield Jam take the floor on Monday night. We can watch the game live-streamed right here!

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