What should we do to start winning? The only way is...


That's all we can do, it's not like we have a favorable spot for free agents anymore. Everyone wanted to play with Nash, but since he's gone, we won't be able to get the top tier free agents we want. So that leaves us with only one choice. Trade to rebuild. But when I say rebuild, I don't just mean draft picks, we need young unproven rising stars (Beasley doesn't count). Take a look at some trades that would be good for the team, and one trade plan that would just be fun.

This is the FUN trade plan to get the 09-10 Suns back:

Phx: Amar'e, Nash

Knicks: Beasley, Frye

Lakers: Brown, 1st rounder(s)

This would just be an awesome trade because we can revive Amar'e, Nash will be back where he wants to be (trust me he wanted to stay with the Suns but they said no) and we will have a stronger supporting cast with Gortat, Scola, and Dragic 2.0 then the 09-10 team. If anyone from the Suns management is reading this, DO THIS. It will reel in so much money, the Suns would be the talk of the NBA and it would just be the best possible thing to happen. I don't know if the Lakers will bite for the trade for Nash but you get what I mean. You can come up with other trade ideas for it though.

Legit Trade

Phx: DeRozan, Fields

Raptors: Gortat, Brown, 2 first rounders

Ok first of all, Gortat seems unhappy with us, so we should move him. Also I believe he's one of the oldest on our team. He is still a great player and can be that center that the Raptors need.

Why the Raptors would do it: I know DeRozan is a young shooting guard with a world of potential, but they want to dip into the FA this year, so they want to get a supporting cast for a star. They have Bargnani and Calderon, two great players who just need a star to play with. DeRozan IS a star so I don't know why they can't work together to win games. The Raptors can definitely use our draft picks and also they get to erase a big mistake. Signing Landry for a bunch of money (8 mil per year or something). Landry is completely unproven and has been playing badly for the Raptors and has been one of the worst pickups of FA this year.

Why the Suns would do it: Demar DeRozan. He is one of my favorite young players in the league because he can score and he plays like a poor man's Wade. He can't shoot three's, but he is an excellent driver. If he develops a three point shot he will be an unstoppable player that is great in every single category. Honestly, I think DeRozan should be our MAIN target, once we have him, we get highlight express + a future star. Fields would be great also. We wanted Fields a couple of years ago because I think he will fit very well into our system, he can play D and shoot threes. A PERFECT fit for us. I don't know if the Raps will give up DeRozan, but if they do...

Trade 2:

Phx: Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, Kendrick Perkins

OKC: Brown, Gortat, Lakers 1st rounder

This is a great trade for both sides. OKC gets their much-needed center, we get our go-to scorer with a suddenly revived Kevin Martin. We have to take on the contract of Kendrick Perkins though, which will not be good. We should trade him to a team needing a center for scraps. I think O'Neal will be able to start at center. He's looking really good right now, especially his blocks. But think about a combo of O'Neal and Perkins. That would seriously be the scariest combo in the league because they are both known to pick many many fights. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we get Lamb, or I think of him as the future of the NBA. When given a decent chance, he will be able to show his true potential.

This is all I have for right now, I will think about some more and post it in my comments later. I know some of these trades are unrealistic, but they would truly help our team. If you want to take a swing at making trades for these players go ahead. Please post all your trade ideas in the comments section.
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