Halfway Awards at the All-Star Break

Since every NBA media outlet is presenting their half-season awards, it's time for BrightSide of the Sun to announce its midyear winners. Of course, we do things a little differently here at BSotS.

The co-MVP's, easily edging out LeBron because they bring the goods consistently through the season and the playoffs and beyond, are: Wil Cantrell and Alex Laugan!

The Coach of the Year, for his ability to encourage his "players" to strive for their best, is: East Bay Ray!

Co-Rookies of the Year are: 7footer and Phxgroup!

The 6th Man of the Year Award goes to the one who jumps in and scores every time: Mike Lisboa!

Voted Most Likely to Make the FO Cringe, as well as named Courtside Stalker, is: Sethpo!

Named Most Likely to Get Kayte's Number: Eutychus!

Nominated as the Best Referee and Most Apt to Alleviate Tension on this Blog: Daryl Ray!

Chosen DPOY because of his ability to defend the English language: Omaha Sun!

Elected Most Prone to Schizophrenically Mutter to Himself: Beavis!

Voted Most Likely to Use a Thermonuclear Device in a Crowded Arena: Scott Howard!

Chosen for the Moist Lickly Ms. Spelling and GrammIrrashunality Award: 2NASHTY!

Picked as Most Likely to Make You Smile And Smash Your Face in with a Brick: NashMV3!

Selected as the Darling of the Blog: D_i_M!

Voted as the Longest Suffering Suns Fan: suns68!

Elected Most Likely to Invent His Own Branch of Mathematics: jc79!

Chosen as The Brightest of BrightSiders, for his eternal optimism: haremoor!

Heralded as a Rising Star: SunsASJD134!

Picked as the one Most Likely to Have Multiple Personalities and possibly stalk himself: WaveOcean!

Voted Most Capable of Conjuring Cogent-Argument Crushing Statistics: MMotherwell!

Singled out as the person Most Likely to Present a Crossword Puzzle at a Statistical Analysis Meeting: SNQP.

Elected as Most Likely to Break out in Haiku in a Crowded Theater: BasketballGF!

Nominated by the American Thesaurus Society as their biggest promoter: Jim Coughenour!

Chosen as Most Likely to Shout, "At Least He's Cute!" at a Suns Game: a tie between noonoo and Maritza!

Picked as a Reserve Guard on the all-BSotS team: phxpurple!

Accolades all around! Everyone's a Winner at BSotS! Invent your own awards! Vote for the Longest Distance Fan! Or the Most Sarcastic! Put your awards in the comments!

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