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Hey so this is my first posting and I never have really had the desire to post anything, but there has been so much talk on here about whether to trade Nash or not trade Nash and there is good reason for both schools of thought. There has been a lot of arguing/bickering on here about the recent Nash to Orlando rumors, which is exactly what they are rumors, and I just wanted to jump in and add my two cents. I'm in the "do whatever Nash wants" school, but if I’m in management I'm still looking for trades that send Nash to either contenders right now or contenders once Nash gets there. I'm not looking to trade Nash to a team like say the Heat because Nash would be realied on almost exclusively to stand in a corner or up top and wait for the ball to shoot threes. I want Nash to compete and still play something that resembles his game (in any trade he most likely won't be able to hold the ball for 90% of a possesion like he does here in phoenix but not having the ball at all for Nash is a problem). If Nash agrees to a trade, that as a member of management I help arrange then great, but otherwise he's here in Phoenix and I want him here.

Honestly while a suns fan I want to trade Nash so we can suck (although we suck now) sooner rather than later (thereby ending our suckage sooner at least in theory), I want to trade Nash mostly for him because he deserves to be on a contender and unless we luck out big time in some gift from the Gods we aren't going to even be close to that anytime soon.

For anyone reading right now and thinking well if we can just luck out in some trade, get lucky in the draft by selecting a diamond in the rough or win the lottery, and Frye plays to his potential being a Poor mans Dirk who can shoot the three post up smaller guys and be neutral on defense, well that is a gift from the Gods. In fact we’ve already gotten two gifts from the God’s in Nash and Grant’s health. Oh and that lucky trade I’m talking about is the Lopez + Childress + Warrick for INPUTNAMEOFYOUNGPLAYER WITHPOTENTIAL. In reality I’d be happy to throw in a second round pick in that trade and get nothing in return except for maybe a banana and the joy of losing some god awful contracts. I think I’d even settle for some carrots. Sorry for this paragraph I just hate listening to how "if we could just" and then you insert how we get the players we need and then the players we have become the players we want them to be and all it takes is childress, warick (sometimes Frye is in these discussions because it seems that all suns fans hate him I actually like him even though I made a rude comment about him earlier. I think on the right team he is a wonderful role player deserving of the contract he has), and we throw in Lopez because we have to give something up of value. Ok moving on from the gift from the God’s rant, it probably won’t be my last, but here we go.

Because we aren’t going to be contender anytime soon… sorry, for those faithful/ hopeful individuals I’ll rephrase. Because there isn’t a high chance of that happening (just realized I forgot to go into the highly unlikely chance that we land a significant or even less likely two free agents this summer) I want to be good to Nash and see him play for a good team while still be himself. In my mind that is of a higher priority than us receiving anything substantial in return for Nash. For this reason I stumbled on a trade, and I have no idea how I feel about it. I hate, it love it, could handle it as a fan, and it would make me throw up all at the same time. Before I go into it I also would like to say that in any deal for Nash, Grant must also go. They are good friends and I love Grant as well. I couldn’t feel right about trading Nash and leaving Grant to play for the Sucky Suns; I also don’t want to split them up so unless we waive him and he goes and resigns with Nash’s team he has to be involved with the trade. So here it is, and before you go check it out on trade machine it won’t work because grant hill can’t be traded yet. All of this is speculation about a trade that would occur after March 1st which is when he can be traded (I think).

Trade Number One:

Lakers receive:





Suns receive:






D. Morris

Trade Number Two:

Lakers receive:

Grant Hill

Suns receive:

Odom Trade Exception

Not discussed here are draft picks which I think would have to be included. As I’m writing this trade machine isn’t working that great so I can’t see how well the first trade works. Some names might have to be shuffled around, like maybe we have to take Steve Blake instead of Fisher or give Warrick instead of Frye (although I’d rather give Frye because as I’ve said I think Frye is a good role player on the right team and I want Nash to succeed so let Frye be the main back up big off the bench), but the idea is we trade Nash and Gortat plus a really bad contract in Childress for Bynum and a bunch of much better contracts and draft picks. I’d love to get two picks, probably the Laker’s this year and another in two years or this years and chance to swap in two years since they probably won’t give us one unprotected. While that’s what I want we’d probably just get theirs this year and Dallas’ this year and that’d be it. Mind you I have not looked into whether the Lakers own their own pick or if they already traded last years (which would mean they can’t trade their pick this year or whether they owe anyone else future picks). Ebanks and Morris are simply young players to throw in. They could become something and they could not become something who knows but we’ll be able to find out not the Lakers. The reason for the two trades is because as far as I know trade exceptions cannot be included in trades with additional players.

So as I said I don’t know if this trade would work, but I know it probably wouldn’t happen. I don’t know how I feel about it either. Nash goes to a contender and the starting lineup is Nash Kobe Hill Pau Gortat and their bench is Blake, World Peace, McRoberts, Frye. I don’t like giving up Gortat but if we wanted Bynum (which I don’t know if I want) we’d have to. We’d end up with a better financial situation some extra draft picks who could just become out of the league players (but you never really know,) but best of all we’d have a good center to build around who’s decently young and a crappy record this year to ensure a better draft pick. So Yeah I don’t know if I like it, but I want to know what you think and if you can abandon your Laker hate, which I had to do to even think of this trade (try thinking of Nash instead and how if he isn’t traded he’s wearing out his body for nothing and will surely be inducted into the hall of fame but might be in a wheelchair by the time he’s voted in). K well sorry about the typos the bad punctuation and the random thoughts I’ve had. I’ll re read to make sure it makes sense but I’m not going to fix all my mistakes. Let me know what you think and please spare me the "Good going buddy" comments because it’s my first post.

Ok read through it and realized I didn’t talk about two things one I don’t know if Nash could work next to Kobe, it’s debatable. I see it being a match made in heaven because they are both so good or I see it as being terrible and causing a big fight in the locker room. Kobe gets mad at Nash for not giving him the ball all the time and the rest of the team has Nash’s back simply because they all realize "hey basketball is actually fun with this guy, he passes the ball and doesn’t scream or make us feel like we haven’t been playing ball our whole lives". So that’s point one and the other thing is one of the main points of this trade is to get cap room, but I’ve already said this free agent class isn’t that great or that we aren’t very likely to get a great free agent. I should make the point that it is to make our cap situation better overall in the long run.

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