So ah, how do we go about building this ELITE team?


Yeah, that's right. PAUL MILLSAP! He is the answer to most of our problems. I know, I know... "Beavis, just shut up, we've already tried to trade for Paul Millsap a thousand times. It's not happening. Get over him man, it's over. Go home. Go. And use a smaller image next time."

1. That image still isn't big enough.

2. All of your trades for Millsap sucked.

3. I surprisingly know what I'm doing, so listen up!

Alright, with the NBA trade deadline approaching, many and many fans across the world have been rosterbating with the hopes of their Front Office somehow, someway improving their team. It's also a time of much rumors and speculation. It's pretty much a national holiday.

This is my rosterbation, this is my speculation, this is my attempt to spread a rumor in a world already filled with countless lies and gossip. This is me celebrating a holiday.

Here it is:

The Utah Jazz acquire PF Morris (4 years), PG Brown (expiring), C Lopez (RFA, right?), Price (expiring) and the Suns 2013 1st round pick.

The Phoenix Suns acquire Paul Millsap (2 years) and Raja Bell (2 years).

Why in the world would the Utah Jazz do this?

Well, I don't know. Like I said, I'm celebrating a holiday. I'll give it a shot though.

Last deadline, the Suns, Jazz and Bulls were involved in a 3 team deal that would land us Millsapy, the Jazz, Lopez and Pietrus, and... that's all we know. Gibson and Dudley were assumed to be involved in this trade as well.

Because Okur just had to go and get hurt, the Jazz no longer have a log-jam. That was the reasoning for them trading Paul. Otherwise, they kind of like the guy. However, maybe they don't see Millsap in their long-term plans? And maybe they want to give more minutes to Favors, so the kid can grow? He can't grow if Sap is eating all of his minutes. If that's the case, we're in luck because we got just the kind of deal for them!

Markieff Morris serves as an immediate replacement. Because he doesn't have all-star potential, he won't be taking a lot of minutes from Favors either. He's young, good and he' on a nice looking contract. Plus, they get Lopez! Some 7 footer with something something something potential, who does cool stuff when surrounded by cool people (Honestly, I don't like the guy, he sucks; thought we should have traded him 2010 when his value was at it's peak). But did I mention that 2013 1st round pick! Yes, I did. How could anyone not named Mike Pringles Dan The Man Tony not want a first round pick? We also take Raja Bell's contract off their hands (really, it's not that bad, but we love the guy and it saves them a "bit" of cash).

In short the Jazz save about 6 million, get a good PF and a 1st round pick for a should be star in Paul Millsap. They get Lopez too, if they want him. If I'm the GM, I feel like this is a good offer, at least good enough to grab their attention and not hang up the phone. I throw in Dudley and it's a guarantee we've got him. That's as far as I can go.

Why would Babs and Blanks do this?

If the Suns want to truly become an elite team, this is a good step in that direction. Once upon a time, $arver said he would acquire assets to trade for a star. Millsap would should have been an all-star this season and would be with Steve Nash. If it takes the above offer to get him, we got to do it. Those guys are just good role players. Losing Dudley and Morris are real blows, I know. However, this free agency may not be full of stars, but it is full of good role players, right?

If not, plan scrapped. In fact, scrap all the plans. We're doomed, game over, Iceberg ahead, ship sunk, the battleship, world ended, alien abductions, Jeremy Lin, racism, war, lockout, depression, regression, oppression, dislocation, desperation, condemnation, isolation, desolation...

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