LAC Fourth Quarter Analysis, Emphasis on PGs

I'm blessed to have access to, and I was so excited about this win I decided to go back and re-watch the fourth quarter with the help of Synergy's play-by-play video breakdown. Point guard play was a big discussion topic in the game threads and recap, so I decided to pay special attention to Ronnie Price and Sebastian Telfair. Here's a breakdown of what they did in the 4th quarter and how they helped us win. Make the jump for my observations.


Go Bassy go! via

  • Quarter starts with Suns down 64-75
  • post entry pass to Frolo for the hook
  • gambled for a steal, missed, and CP3 hit a jumper
  • clear path foul on Reggie Evans
  • post entry pass, cut away, Robin dribbled out to Dudz and Dudz had to try to create something out of nothing, missed 3
  • picked up a loose ball on a bad Mo Williams pass
  • dribbled up after the steal and passed it to Kieff on the wing, travel (Why? He's a PF! Why give the ball to him there with a defender on him?)
  • SIDENOTE: That Redd post-up pass to Robin was sweet; Robin was originally looking for the oop, though.
  • tipped a dreb to Kieff, who threw it down court to Redd for the dunk
  • Stuck with Bledsoe defensively, and Bledsoe ends up turning it over (tripped over Dudz apparently)
  • Throws it to Kieff 3 feet behind the 3-point line and runs away, Kieff turns it over
  • runs Griffin into the basket support (good foul)
  • post entry pass to Redd, gets the ball back and drives in for the high-arching lefty layup (good play, probably a little lucky)
  • Picks off a bad pass by Williams, takes it all the way for the layup
  • P&R pass to Lopez, nothing happens with it, Dudz misses a tough pull-up
  • reaches in for a steal on Paul, who gets past him and misses a pull-up
  • nearly falls down and loses the ball but keeps the dribble alive, passes it to Kieff for the 3
  • Price sits down with about 4:30 left, score is 79-83 LAC (15-8 Suns run)
  • Intentional fouling begins at the 3:51 mark
  • Bassy tries to get his guys into the offense, calls Robin for a high screen, passes to the wing, gets the ball back, calls for another Lopez screen, does some work with the dribble after Jordan switches onto him, and recognizing the mismatch with Paul on Lopez attempts to pass to Robin under the basket; unfortunately, Robin did not get a proper seal and was really out of position to make a play, Bassy's pass didn't have enough heat on it, and Lopez didn't catch the ball like he should have; the result of the play was Dudz getting the loose ball and missing a tough jumper with the clock running down (wow that took a lot of explaining)
  • Brings the ball up, he and the bigs make a mess and fail to get any type of solid screen set, Bassy passes to Brown for the iso and a missed jumper; Dudley oreb back to Bassy, pulls it out, runs a P&R with Channing, swings it to Brown for the successful corner 3
  • Bassy finds Frye in the high post who finds a cutting Brown for the atrocious no-look circus shot
  • Bassy plays some good defense on CP3, recovers after being picked off and forces Paul to pass twice, Clips end up with a tough 3 by Mo that clangs off the rim
  • Eats clock, dribbles into the corner, draws the double, and finds Dudz for a 3, no good
  • The Steal (you know what I'm talking about, great defensive possession by Bassy)
  • Dribbles off 10 seconds before passing it off, ball ends up with Brown for the missed 3
  • Haha, Synergy says it was Bassy that got fouled and took the FTs instead of Brown
  • Bassy plays good defense on Paul who pushes off and misses a 3
  • Game over, 91-87 (12-4 run with Bassy in)


This is one thing Ronnie CAN do. via

So it looks like both men played well in the fourth quarter and helped the team pull out the W. IMO, Gentry did an excellent job with his rotations and swapped the two at the right time.

But if you watch closely, it's not hard to figure out why Bassy is Steve's back-up and Price is third string.

The answer is Price is simply not a PG. He is the one that brings the ball down the court, but that is often the extent of the point guard duties he fulfills on a given play. What Price does for the most part is pass it off to someone else and run to a different spot on the court. Rarely does he set up plays or create shots for himself or others. He doesn't always make the smart pass either, such as the play where he tossed it to Kieff on the wing. He just wants to get rid of the ball as soon as he can.

Bassy is often the opposite. He does try to play the role of a traditional point guard. He calls out plays and tries to get guys in the right positions. He runs plenty of pick-and-rolls. And many times, he keeps the ball in his hands for much of the clock. The problem is, he's just not that good. He failed to set up a few of the screens correctly and is not capable of taking advantage of the defense all that well when he has mismatches. But he does try. Sometimes he takes horrible shots. Sometimes he doesn't move the ball when he should. But I don't think this is necessarily him being selfish. I think he's just trying to make a play for his team.

Price on the other hand, looks to others to make the plays.

Both players played good defense, but Price shows a tendency to gamble, which is not something you necessarily want to see too much of. Bassy doesn't have the physical tools Price does, but he's a tough little guy and scraps against whoever he's matched up with. I don't think Price's defensive edge over Bassy is enough to overcome his offensive shortcomings. Bassy is just a more complete player.

However, both players did their job tonight. Bassy may have ended up a -6 on the night, but that has a lot to do with the beginning of the game where I'm assuming he wasn't the sole reason for the suckiness (I missed much of the first half, so that was a guess).

I don't have time to go through the entire game (this took an hour by itself), nor would you have the patience to read through the entire thing if I did, most likely. But both players stepped up in the fourth quarter and did what they had to to pull out a win. They both deserve to be commended.

I'd like to apologize for the formatting. I went through the entire fourth quarter so I wasn't sure of a better way to get down all my thoughts on the entire 12 minutes. I also did this at 3 a.m. while I was very tired. Hopefully the next time I do something like this I can get a bit more creative and make it a little more interesting. Perhaps I'll narrow my focus and include some screen caps or something. Until then, my friends, go Suns!

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