Current Free Agents

There are many good free agents that could help us in the playoffs, I think we should take a look at some of the best free agents currently that could help us a lot. (and btw this is gonna be a short fanpost, no one hate, because I'm rushing through this and I don't have enough time to do a long one)

Point Guard: Nothing that great here besides Fisher and Arenas

Shooting Guard:

Kelenna Azubuike: This guy never got a proper chance to excel in the NBA due to his surgery. He is a great shooter, hes not that old (in late 20s) and he would be a good scorer for the Suns.

Terrence Williams: He is INSANELY athletic, he can play great defense, but he just needs to learn some offense. He would be great for this team because he is very young, hes athletic, he can play D, and if he flourished offensively under Nash, he could be a very good and cheap player.

Eddie House: A veteran who can shoot very well. Thats basically it. Oh yea and hes undersized and not athletic. (probably not the best choice for us)

Larry Hughes: A good scoring veteran who could provide a good punch off the bench, he is a good defensive player.

Michael Finley: Old. Great, strong, player who can shoot very well. Could revive in PHX?.?!

Stephen Graham: Decent player who can score and rebound decently. Quite young.

Small Forwards:

James Posey: Great defender, shooter, rebounder, and runs the ball well. Could be a great backup SF for the Suns.

Jamario Moon: Crazy athletic and thats about it.

Julian Wright: Another crazy athletic player who has high energy and can play both forward spots.

Jason Kapono: Lights out three point threat... Thats basically it. Oh and also bad defender

Andres Nocioni: good shooter, decent defender, good player.

Power Forwards:

Rasheed Wallace: Great shooter, good defender, good post player, and is an overall good player.

Ronny Turiaf: Tough player who plays with high energy... still needs to learn offense though.

Etan Thomas: Strong player and rebounder. Also good shot blocker.

Joe Smith: does the dirty work. Great rebounder, and also has a nice mid-range shot.

JJ Hickson: young player whos great all around


Fesenko: Big center, can rebound and shot block well.

Gadzuric: Talented center, very athletic, can block shots and rebound well, no offenisve game.

Greg Oden: Defensive juggernaut, decent offensive game, overall great player and hes ready to play now.

Thanks to Hoopshype

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