Reported HERE, and HERE, and even Here, apparently Dwight Howard has stated he wants the Magic to pursue Nash. I'll bet Steve Nash wants to play with Dwight Howard too.

And reportedly the Magic are willing to give up the farm for him. Oh yeah!

I know that much has been rosterbated over the past couple of weeks in regards to the Magic and what we could pry from them. However, it seems to me, the closer we get to the trade deadline, the hotter it gets in Orlando.

The way I see it, the only way I want to the Suns trading Nash to go down is if we end up on the right side of a deal too good to turn down. However, that takes a couple of things to fall into place. First, you need a team that has enough pieces to give, and you need that trading partner to be desperate.

Orlando has few pieces, but their progression into desperation seems imminent. So, will we wait until the deadline when the desperation takes over their brains?

There are two ways this can go. First way is to convince Dwight Howard to forget the trade, play out the string, then sign with Phoenix. Heck, if he really wants to play with Nash, that is the easiest way. The Suns could then send Gortat to any Center deprived team for some quality players and a pick, maybe even dump some of our long-term salary guys like Chilly or Warrick, and rid ourselves of Lopez once and for all.

The other way is to bite the bullet and finally cave in and trade Nash to Orlando. However, I don't like anything Orlando has to offer. Lets get the most likely culprits out of the way first:

Jameer Nelson: This guy is 30 years old, owed $7.9M next year, has regressed dramatically from a career in which he has been perennially an underachieving point guard. He is not a great distributor, not a good shooter, and generally is on the downside of his career. To me, he is something you take as the penalty in a trade where you are getting something else positive back.

JJ Redick: Decent scorer off the bench that lacks athleticism. I prefer Dudley to him for many reasons. Dudley is a far superior shooter [yes, he is], far superior defender, better team player, a year younger, and is being paid $2M less. Why trade for a lesser version of what we already have.

Deandre Liggins, Daniel Orton, Von Wafer, Ish Smith, Q Rich, Duhon: All of these guys are garbage. Our garbage is better than their garbage.

Glen Davis: Big Baby has underachieved, been injured, and has a Josh Childress like contract. No way in hell.

Hedo: Nothing to see here.

J Rich: If the Suns could get J Rich back to his old self, and ask him to chop about 2-3M off his deal, we should get him back. But to transform this team, going after deals that include veterans that are clearly a year or two from forced retirement is just dumb.

That leads us to Ryan Anderson: While he is a nice young player, he isn't a guy that you build around. Sure, our thoughts were that we aren't getting what we would like for Nash, but with a desperate team out there, we need to hold out for paydirt. Anderson is not paydirt. He actually is a throw in that is a good piece. Paydirt would be multiple high draft picks.

So, Orlando may be desperate, but they have nothing of consequence except Ryan Anderson, a first round pick in the mid-20's, and the possibility of taking back a guy like Warrick or Chilly.

It looks to me like if this were to happen, it will take a third team with a couple of picks and a need for Ryan Anderson.

No Thanks!

I would rather recruit Howard straight out and get him here in Phoenix, and that has about a 1% chance of happening.

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