A eulogy for Amare (or, a plea for a STAT resurrection)

Friends, Phoenicians, Citizens of Planet Orange, lend me your ears. I come to bury STAT, not to praise him.
The evil that superstars do lives after them, and the good is buried in the Ring of Honor; so let it be with Amare.
The Noble Sarver hath told you Amare was not worth the contract; If so, it were a grievous fault, and grievously hath Amare answered for it.
Here, under the lead of Sarver, Babby, Blanks and the rest,
For Sarver is an honorable man; so are they all, honorable men: Come I to speak at Amare's funeral.
He was my Power Forward, powerful and athletic to me,
But Sarver said he was not worth the contract, and Sarver is an honorable man.
He hath brought many victories home to Phoenix;
And the win column he did fill
In this did he seem not worth a contract?
When the Suns lost, Amare did weep
Greed should be made of sterner stuff.
Yet Sarver said he was not worth it, and Sarver is an ambitious man.
You did see in his career, thrice he had major injuries, and thrice he overcame them. Was he not worth the contract?
Yet Sarver says he was not worth the contract, and sure, he is an honorable man.
I am not here to disprove what Sarver spoke,
But here I am to speak what I do know.

You all did love him once, and not without reason!
What cause witholds you, then, to call for his return?
O judgement! Thou are fled to a brutal front office,
And men have lost their reason. Bear with me;
My heart is in New York, there, with Amare;
And I must pause till it come back to me.

Ok, that was just an excuse to exercise my Amare love. He was my favorite Sun. And I know the team we currently have wouldn't be the same if we kept Amare, but I do honestly believe, if we were able to magically slot him into the starting PF slot on this team, we could, and would, win a title.
This isn't an exercise in rosterbation. I will watch, root for, and try to enjoy the team for the rest of the season.
But yes, I want Amare back in the summer. I think we could do a bad contract swap: Childress, Frye, Morris and Telfair for Amare and filler.
The Knicks get rid of Amare, like they want to do. They are saving a couple millions dollars, so they can make another stupid FA run, and a reasonable young player in Morris.

I know, I know. Amare's older. He's declining. But isn't that just the type of player the Suns can bring back? Hell, if Michael Redd can come back without knees, so can Amare. PLUS, we could make the trade after spending FA money, because we're mostly slotting Amare into Childress and Frye's existing cap money.
Nash-(Mayo/Batum)-Dudley-STAT-Gortat? Thats a contender.

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