Enough with the NASH trade ideas...



I know, I for one, have made many fanposts about Nash but I figured it won't happen, so why not fantasize about trades that fix BOTH teams needs?!?

Let me go over the rules of these 3 trade ideas...


2) Must keep future flexibilty alive for Phoenix (expiring contracts, don't take back bad contracts)

3) Include Shooting Guards/ Back up PG/ Back up C


TRADE #1 :

Memphis has a good chance of trading OJ MAYO since he most likely won't be back after the year and they NEED size as in back up PF/C! We have good pieces for them to take and this trade works for both teams...

Suns receive : OJ Mayo, Mareese Speights, Hammad Haddadi

Grizzlies Receive: Channing Frye, Robin Lopez, Shannon Brown

Why Memphis does it: This trade might favor the Suns in a way but also gives the Grizz 2 7'0 footers. They would have Lopez back up Marc Gasol and Frye start until Zach Randolph comes back from injury then he may move to his ORIGINAL 6th man role. Also, Shannon brown is a nice piece to a playoff bench and is an expiring contract. This would give the Grizzlies a VERY VERY SOLID BENCH in Pargo, Brown, Frye, Lopez.

Why the Suns do it: This trade helps the Suns as we finally get a starting Shooting Guard who's young, and has loads of potential! we recieve Haddadi as a short term replacement as a back up center. and also, we get speights as a starting PF for the remainder of the season! This trade also nets us more money heading into free agency as we unload Channing frye"s contract! I think this trade brings our playoff chances up from 15% to about 50%


Trade #2

Boston has been trying to move Ray Allen's expiring contract all season long and they need SIZE to contend more than anyone in this LEAGUE! What better way than to recieve 2 7'0 footers?!

Phoenix Receive: Ray Allen, Jermaine O'neal

Celtics Receive: Channing Frye, Robin Lopez, Shannon Brown

Why the Suns do it: They recieve a 17 mil expiring contracts combined and get rid of Frye's contract HOWEVER, that is no the reason they do this! The reason is that we receive RAY ALLEN! Ray Ray is always a class act and still avgs 15 pts on a stacked team. IMagine what he does next to Nash. I think Ray Allen will thrive enough in this system to get us into the playoffs this season. Also, O'neal is pretty bad but he is an expiring contract and will be servicible as a Back up for less than 30 games!

Why the Celts do it: The Celtics will not go very far with a Center tandem of Wilcox and O'neal! However, switch those 2 with Frye in his prime and Lopez playing alongside Rondo, and you have a whole other story! SUre they give up Allen but they can start Brown/Pietrus in his place for the time being! They can start Frye and have Lopez back him up. It also gets them younger as frye is only 28 yrs old. A lineup of Rondo, pietrus, pierce, garnett, frye isnt too bad.


Trade #3

Charlotte hates Boris Diaw and his lazy work ethic and they neeeeeed size for the future! This trade gets them size and financial flexibilty while keeping all their draft picks.

Phoenix Receives: Boris Diaw, Gerald Henderson

Charlotte Recieves: Channing Frye, Shannon Brown, Robin Lopez, 2013 2nd rd pick

Why Phoenix Does it: Gerald Henderson has been awesome this year for the bobcats and is on his rookie contract (2 mil) so this would be a GREAT pick up for the Suns. He avgs 15 pts per game with 5 reb and is only 24 yrs old! Just imagine him playing next to steve nash. We also receive a vvery talented, yet lazy, Boris Diaw but he is an expiring Contract so we don't have to keep him long term. Tis trade isn't necessarily as good as the other 2 but it i definetly an upgrade at our starting SG position and Diaw may also start at PF for the rest of the year!

Why Charlotte does it: Charlotte is unhappy with Boris Diaw and/or Tyrus Thomas and IMO, i think they would love to have Frye in his prime to start at PF! They also have NO decent Center Starting or Backing Up and I think they could use Lopez for the rest of these 30 games. Brown could aslo be used as a spark off their bench or even start and put on a show for the fans in Charlotte as he would be free on a bad team. the bobcatsw ould then let Lopez go in Free agnecy and draft Anthony Davis and move frye to the Center Position while Anhtony Davis plays PF!



1) Get us into the playoffs this year with a chance of a 1st rd upset

2) Get Dudley back to his back up SF role where he's most effective

3) Suns getting rid of 1 bad contract while keeping Cap open for this summer

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