Leaked Info Reveals The FO Will Indeed Trade Steve Nash!

I got a source, so hit the jump.


LOL, man I got you guys good.


Anyway, now that I've stolen your attention. I want to ask you a very important question. If you were Babby, Lon Babby, $arver, Blanks or all of them in one, what would you do? What would be your plan to turn this franchise around? How would you get this team contendin and ballin like the Suns of old again? How would you make them ELITE? Tell me your plans, your schemes, I want to know. Don't be shy, you're all schemers. I know cause I'm one too.

For the 40-45% of you here who want to trade Nash and rebuild, tell me how you'll go about doing that.

I'll go first, but first I'd like to apologize for the above by providing you with a link to this Nash infomercial. WATCH IT!

Plan A for Elite Team

Step one: Trade for Paul Millsap: I've explained this one enough already.

STEP TWO: Set up a trade at the draft for a star wing or a very talented group of role players. Yeah, Gortat. However, it's only on the condition that the man below signs with us.

Step three!: Draft an awesome player: Although I don't watch college b-ball, I'm 1-0 on picks so far (Kenneth Faried), so I'm feeling pretty confident.

Step four: Sign the one and only, Dwight Howard. If Steve Nash, Paul Millsap, an awesome draft pick and a star wing aren't enough, I know I can still convince him to sign. I've got a plan for that too, but I won't go into depth on it here.

Step five: Re-sign Steve Nash.

Step six: Fill any remaining roster holes with players better than Telfair and Brown.

There ya go. There's your ELITE team. There's your championship. REJOICE!

Now if for whatever bizarre reason this doesn't work out, I've got a plan B.

Plan B

Step one: Repeat of above

Step two: Repeat of step three above.

Step three: Trade Channing Frye for Hedo Turkoglu. Ha, ha, I'm kidding. Sign Eric Gordon or Nick Young if I can't get Gordon.

Step four: Pry Nicolas Batum away from the Blazers. Easier said than done, but Sarv's got the cash to do it.

Step five: Re-sign Steve Nash if he feels like coming back. If not? DJ Augustin.

Step six: Sign Jeremy Lin and WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP! Seriously though, he is available:)

Plan C

Step one: Blow it up and rebuild.

Am I crazy? Maybe.


Alrighty then. Now it's your turn. I've provided some links to help you out. Have fun!

Ridiculous Upside

The Trade Machine

Free agents

Cap space

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