Trade Deadline One Week Away!!!!

Ok, trade deadline is coming, what are we going to do. Are we going to make a move for a good shooting guard, backup point guard, or big man. Here are our options:

Point Guard:

Ridnour- a good pg whos decent all around, doesn't excell at any one thing.

Crawford- he's a big scoring pg, who we might need. I don't know if we have the right pieces to give to the Blazers for an excellent scorer like Crawford, because they will probably get many great offers. If we get him, that'd be great.

Raymond Felton- This guy... Good in NY and Denver and just can't find anything in a black and red uniform. We should take a chance, what've got to lose, it's not like he's gonna be worse than Telfair.

Mo Williams- a good veteran, he's a great overall player and would fit great for us. The clippers have an overload at pg so he might not be too pricy.

Shooting Guard:

Ray Allen-a good veteran who can still shoot lights out. Could really help us with our scoring. Also, hes a very smart veteran.

Nick Young- I know we've all talked about him before and some don't want him bc of I don't know what. He is a great score first guard who can help our main hole, scoring. Him with a pass first point guard would be great. WAS will do anything to get out of their hole, they are doing bad. They need to do something.

J Rich- He was a beast on the suns. A TOTAL BEAST. The Magic are probably going to eventually lose Dwight, so they are gonna wanna rebuild. We have expiring contracts...

Barbs- Great on the suns, he is quick, and added that extra spark to the bench. He handles the ball well and would be a savior to our bench.

O.J. Mayo- A good ball handler, passes like a point, scores like a sg. He would fit in here because he needs to score on a team with a lack of scorers. We need a scorer.

Morrow- Great scorer, on the trade block, could really really help our bench.


Jamison- We would have to take on his poop contract, but we would get an elite scorer. He averages more than Amare, and hes not AS injury prone as Amare. Great overall player, but again poop contract.

Millsap- Great player, can score, play D, and rebound. Overall great package.

Illyasova- Hes becoming better, hes starting to play great. He can score pretty well, hes tall, he can shoot threes, he can rebound. Hes a good player.

KG- Ok don't hate me for this, but you know hes a good player who would work well with Nash. Hes like an Amare who scores a little bit less but can play a lot more D. His aggresive work will help us. (hopefully)

Matrix- He needs to come back. He can play great D, and he can score pretty well. I don't think he needs further explination.

Maggette- This guy has exploded. Back to back to back 24+ nights. He is a good scorer, he would help us. Not so sure about his D, but he can score.

Odom- Mavs don't like him. He would fit great here with his point guard skills off the bench, a real good player when given a good chance.

Prince- Tayshaun can rebound decently, and he can score pretty well. A good player for us.

Smith- Josh, not Jason. Josh wants OUT of Atlanta. We have expiring contracts. Atlanta would love to do something in FA. Smith is a great scorer and defender, hes having a great season and would rise to his full potential with Nash.


Hickson- We can revive him, he had a great career in Cleveland, and hes a good center. He could be a very solid backup.

These are all players we could trade for (other teams want expiring contracts, we have em)

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