Bright Side State of the Union: It's a Freakin' Toy Story

Greetings, my fellow Bright Siders.

I'm here to talk about the love that we all share for the Phoenix Suns. The thing about love is that it can be expressed in so many different ways. When it comes to Phoenix Suns fans and their thoughts on how this team should move forward, it appears they're split into two different categories:

1) Fans who would like to see the Suns move forward without Steve Nash, enter full rebuilding mode by trading for draft picks & young talent, and hope it turns out the way it did for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

2) Fans who still have faith in Steve Nash, would love to keep him, and improve the pieces around him so we can make one last championship run with arguably one of the best players in Suns franchise history.

Now I'm not going to say which side is right or wrong because both sides have their merits. What I will say is that this is quite the predicament... which leads me to the main point of the post: This is a freakin' Toy Story.


More after the jump.

What are toys? As Woody so succinctly puts it: "You are a child's play thing!"

Which basically means toys are for bringing people fun and amusement. I guess now you can see where I'm going with this...

The story of the warring factions of Phoenix Suns fans is basically a story of kids fighting over which toys are better.

Fans in the 1st category above are kids who are tired of their old toy and want to buy shiny new ones altogether. Fans in the 2nd category on the other hand are kids who still like their old toy and feel that just adding a couple of accessories would help improve it a lot.

Of course the toy of which I speak is Steve Nash.


Similar to how Woody has a special place in Andy's heart, Steve Nash has a special place in a lot of Suns fans' hearts. After Steve re-signed with the Suns in 2004, we managed to get 3 Western Conference Finals appearances and 2 MVPs out of him. Steve's an all-around nice guy and the face of the franchise. The fact that he's playing at an All-Star level at the age of 38 is a testament to how hard he works to keep in shape and take excellent care of his body. It's hard not to be sentimental when it comes to Steve Nash because he's not the type of person you would want to let go. Fans that are for keeping Steve Nash would prefer to improve the team around Steve to put off his eventual departure. I'm among the many who still doesn't want to let go of his old toy just yet.

Then, there's the bunch of fans who are prepared to move on without Steve Nash and wish to begin rebuilding ASAP so that we can start the painful process sooner rather than later. Just like Andy grew up and had to let go of Woody (oh gosh, spoiler alert!!), the Suns will eventually have to move on without Steve Nash. It's inevitable. I guess you could say these guys are ahead of the field. You guys will get your new toys. Eventually.


I guess the message that I want to get across is that at the end of the day, we're all here because we all want the Suns to win. We want them to win because that makes us feel good inside. For some reason.

So... let's not let differing viewpoints get in the way of that.

After all... who cares which toy you play with as long as you're having fun, right?

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