Lets get to work; FA targets

Well it feels like the season has been over for months and Im still counting down the days till the draft and free agency. I have had a lot of time to sit at my desk and ponder about the Suns off season. We need to make some Key signings and rebuild this team during the offseason so we are ready to fight for the playoffs coming outta the starting gate next year. So this is my plan.....

1) Amnesty Childress: I like ya Chilly, but not for that price. If we cant find a better option at SF in FA, we can re-sign him to a more friendly contract.

2) Offer Lopez a One year and let him prove he is worth a multi year. He can walk if he finds a better deal or so chooses.

3) Go hard after Eric Gordon. Make him the number 1 priority. Act as if its Eric Gordon or bust. Make every possible attempt to get Gordon. Even if its a sign and trade with NO (depending on what they want).

4) We need to find another solid role player that fits the Dudley, Hill mold. A hard working, talented, smart player that is hungry. I have a few guys in mind that fit this mold.

Landry Feilds- Young, talented, could help us in the near future and be around for a while. Knows our system as well.

Batum- Talented, long, aggressive, skilled, and still has room to get better. Would be a great pickup.

Mareese Speights- Very talented but raw young big man. He is strong in the post, can boards and even has some moves and a nice jumper. Wouldnt mind Starting Kieff at PF with Gortat at Center, and having Frye and Speights coming off the bench. Both combos offer a good post player and inside force, and a stretch big man to keep the lanes open.

Darrel Arthur- Young, long, talented and a good kid. He could be a near future contributor at the PF position. Im not as high on him as Speights but he could be option B at PF if they decide to bring Frye off the bench next season as a center.

Gerald Wallace_ He is a great player. He is a little older and comes with all the experience and veteran savvy to contribute right away. He is truly a difference maker when on the floor and comfortable. Versatile, could play SF/PF.

So this is my list people. These are some of the main guys I think we should target. And depending on what we come up with would determine who we re-sign from the current roster. Although I think Redd and Telfair should stay. Brown has prolly earned an overpriced contract from some team in need of a wing like Minny.

Id like to see at least two of the guys on this list signed. Gordon as my first choice, batum as my second. Speights could be a really nice pickup as well.

Who do you guys want?

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