Possible Plan to Help Thin Out Our Roster Needs

Okay, so the Suns need to do some work this offseason if we have any hope to be competitive in 2012-2013. If Nash comes back and we build around him, I think we ought to build strictly with Short term contracts, and get 2 max players, on high paying 1-2 year deals, older veterans (i.e. Garnett or Allen). But, with the realization that Nash may not come back next year, here is what I think would be a good way to go about things, that would lessen the needs we have on our roster to be competitive going forward, and by that i mean a 7th to 4th seed in the West, while we wait for a Free Agency class with more young talent: read after the jump

First off go hard after Goran Dragic, we should have never let him go in the first place, and hes shown himself to be the stud we thought he would be.

Second, go after Eric Gordon of course (though we'd still do this even if Nash was coming back). If Gordon is unattainable then get either Crawford or Brown (I saw in Brown late in the season the kind of player he can be when hes given the proper minutes and has enough confidence in himself, and that player I saw was one stud of a player).

For the small forward position, we go after Gerald Wallace, who is a good scorer and a very gifted defensive player. If we fail to get Wallace, go hard after M Beasley. He wants to be a go to scorer and we can make him one. We of course have Dudley coming off the bench for some energy from the second unit (Redd should also stay, and be a nice 1-2 punch along with Dudley off the bench, and have Frye coming in with them, that would immediatley be a pretty balling 2nd unit.

Now, for power forwards. This is where my thinning of our roster needs happens mostly. The FO has already stated that they are likely to match any offer for Robin Lopez. Also, Many think (including myself) that Gortat is probably beter suited to be a Power Forward than a center, though he has done VERY well as our center. I would like to play those two together as starters. I think that duo would be one of the most beast mode front courts in the league. We have Channing and Kief backing them up in the 2nd unit. Whenever a team gives us trouble with that lineup somehow, we can always throw in frye or kief for some spacing. People have said "they cant play together it will clog up the lane with 2 bigs and mess up our spacing" well, to anyone who might say that, i repeat, this is if by some chance Nash does not come back.

Center was already essentially discussed in the previous paragraph..

So, we go into next season with a lineup of:

Dragic or Brooks / Telfair or Brooks

Gordon or Brown or Crawford / Redd

G Wallace or M Beasley / Dudz

Gortat / Kief / Frye

Lopez / Gortat / Frye

I honestly think, even if Nash stays, starting Gortat at the 4 and Lopez at the 5 drastically improves our team, and frees up our cap space for getting scoring SG and SF. Also, I think using Lopez only 10-15 minutes a game is a waste of talent. He is a starting caliber center in the NBA, plays with intensity, and frees up Gortat to be power forward that draws attention that we need. Plus, Gortat and Lopez are interchangeable with Nash on the pick and roll, as both are very good pick and roll finishers. And Lopez really does give great screens. Anyways, grab a red pen and go to town on this idea if you wish, but I think it would be a very good idea for this team.

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