More 2012-2013 Ideas: Power Forward Spot

Alright guys, what I want to see when I jump onto Bright Side are posts involving future plans for our team. Granted, I would muth rather see posts with a headline like "Suns set to aquire Eric Gordon, Josh Smith, AND Michael Beasley in 2012-2013!!!!! " Sadly, the time for trades and free agency signings is not yet upon us. So, I will continue to put forth ideas that may be beneficial to our team, and see what the rest of the NBA's best and most dedicated fan site has to say on the subjects I bring up. This post will again focus on roster upgrades, but with a focus, and secondary motives involved in some of these suggestions. This post is primarily about the future of 'Kief on our squad, and how we can improve it. Read on after the jump Brightsiders...

So, while reading the post on 'Kief not being picked for the NBA All Rookie 1st OR 2nd Team, I decided to write up this piece, though of course I will go further and discuss a few other topics, but to start off, lets discuss 'Kief.

So, we are all fairly perturbed at 'Kief for his lack of production after the all star break (though he did have a VERY big night after the break this year). However, we cannot be too overly angry with him. He did very well early in the year, shooting over 40% from the 3, but that % fell to around 25% after the all star break. Granted, at the start of the season, with Channing struggling, Kief got a bit more consistant minutes, but when Channing got his shot back (along with playing above expectations for him defensively, and having a number of double digit rebound performances) Kief minutes suffered. Combine this, along with the "Rookie Wall", along with having no training camp, a condensed season with little practice time, and the best player he has to learn from on our team being Channing Frye, and I cant help but have high hopes for Kief next year.

Kief can shoot the 3 when needed, we know that. Kief can Blake Griffin on Blake Griffin, we know that. He can grab rebounds, we know that. He's got a couple nice little post moves, we know that. He has attitude, and doesn't step down, we know that (and we NEED that).

Okay, but he gets in foul trouble... Yes, but he is a rookie. Answer to problem = gaining maturity / full training camp

He maybe settles for the 3 or the jump shot too much... Yes, but he is a fairly reliable 3 shooter and mid range shooter. Also, as mentioned before, he IS playing behind and learning from Channing "I'm 7 ft tall but shoot 3s 75% more of the time than I take it to the rim" Frye. Granted, at least hes not playing behind and learning from Warrick, or he just wouldnt play defense...... Answer to problem = GET NEW PF

Alright, I know many people will do the immediate "Jump to Channing's defense" thing. Things like "He's got the highest +/- rating on our team" or "He's the key to our entire offense" (that one is a way overstatement).

Has anyone noticed that our offense really wasn't all that this year? We of course were a more balanced team, but thats only because we regressed in our offense a good bit, and also improved on defense, though not near enough to cancel out the offensive regression. Even with Nash back next year shouldn't we maybe try something a little different? I think our best bet would be to somehow get rid of Channing, trade him to someone for somebody, anybody. Just a change would be a breath of fresh air. Maybe we could package Channing and Warrick for Millsapp or someone like that. Theres one person who regularly posts on bright side who is an adamant supporter of the Suns aquiring Millsapp. and I agree, it would be a very smart move. Kief is very much like a slightly taller young version of Millsapp. The only problem is, hes learning behind a shoot a 3 before driving to the lane power forward. If Kief progresses ALOT during the offseason and training camp, id say start him over Channing all day. At least he has attitude and will take it to the rim on occasion. However, if we aquired Millsapp, Kief could learn behind him this year, split minutes a bit more with him the following year, and then the following year, hopefully Kief will be a legitimate starter by then, and we can trade Millsapp and his expiring contract. Of course, Im certainly ok with getting really any fairly good to great PF in the league. Also, Millsapp wouldnt be quite as expensive as the Bosh's and Boozers and Garnetts and Josh Smiths (however, I would be down to go after Josh Smith as hard as humanly possible, via trade this year. I would love to have Josh Smith in a Suns uniform). Millsapps slightly lesser contract would leave extra room for us to aquire a go to scorer, though having Millsapp instead of Frye immediatley gives us 4-6 more ppg and 4 or 5 more rpg out of our PF position than we have now. And he has a nice mid range shot so he can space the floor fairly well also.

In conclusion, aquiring Millsapp, or really any PF around or above his skill level would be extremely beneficial to our teams next season, and going forward, due to:

- Role model figure to help mold Kief into a starting caliber player

- Better production from our 4 spot.

All in all, it makes sense to me that this is something the FO will look into very seriously. It is one of our most gaping problems, and needs to be corrected. There are of course other glaring problems (SG?????) but that is for another post. Comment away, whom would you like to see guide young Kief along his road to becoming a legit starting PF?

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