In the deep dark liar of the Brightsiders

The following act is a very possible situation, please take in consideration that Brightsiders are all affected by the virus called Rosterbation, which can lead to incredibly bad contracts and crazy scenario ideas, the virus is so potent, people cant stop doing it, a cure is being research as you read this mesage, however the cure might just be temporary, the virus could be a chronical diseased, only time will tell...

Act I

An Undeniable Proposal

We were all pretty scared, we had dream about this moment but we all agreed it was for the sake of the Phoenix Suns, it had to be done, we conviced ourselves, but what was happening was something none of us thought it would go that far.

Babby and Blanks were having a nice chat about the new Suns uniform at The House Of Wings where they were featuring a 0.50 cents per wing special, when suddenly a very odd man sits on their table, the man was wearing a long rain coat along with some stupid purple hat, it was no other that Jim Coeghenour.

Please do as i command you gentlemans, i have few requests for you- Jim said, as the sound of a gun loading was hear coming out of his rain coat. Babby and Blanks proceed to do as the lunatic yet charismatic men ordered.

Jim led them to a big wagon which had the letters BSOTS painted in a very bright orange colour. Both GMs entered the wagon, it was driven by TruthTelling and there were 3 other members on the wagon, they were DIM, NashtyNash, BringBackBarkley17. DIM couldnt hold it and she snapped.

Dim: HOW COULD YOU ?! HE WAS GOING TO BE THE NEXT NASH !!!.....You guys just didnt have any faith on him, did you? .....and sent him away for someone who ditch us for CHINA !

NashtyNash: See Charles, that is why we decided Jim should carry the gun.

BringBackBarkley17: I still think she is right anyway.

Babby and Blanks try to offer money to be set free, they mentioned some old TPL from some Stoudmire, but they didnt talk back to the people who will soon decide the future of the Phoenix Suns, they just sat and look at them, motionless, except for DIM. They were all listeting the radio, some Podcast hosted by Bryan Gibberman and Seth Pollack, finally they reached their destination, it was a dark alley.

TruthTelling: Falcon, we have arrived. BigFoot is coming down to take us to the nest.

Jim nodded and said..

Jim Coeghenour: Please gentleman, feel free to leave the vehicle.

Everyone got out of the wagon, and from the shadows a big men with big smile appeared, he was known as 7Footer, along with him there was Beavis25, which was dress as a ninja, for some reason.

7Footer: Falcon, everyone is ready, they are waiting for BnB in the nest.

Beavis proceed to apply the Ron Artest move which knocked out the two GMs.

they woke up tied to a wooden chairs made by SteveNash, QuantumPhysicist, he took off the duct tape that they were wearing on their mouths, and Babby couldnt not contain his self from screaming, it sounded like a little pig being torture, everyone felt horrible after hearing that noise, but they all knew it was necessary. SteveNash,QF, left the room, a square tiny room with only 1 bulb over their heads and lot of tvs around the room.

1 TV light up and there were two men on the other side of the screen, they were the MMotherwell and phxpurple. they talked at the same time.

MMotherwell/Phxpurple: You guys have no idea how to run a team, Robert Sarver dont have a clue neither, WE, however, are the ones which shall lead this team to the glory!

Babby : Wait a freaking second, is this was it all about ? you cant possibl...

Mmotherwell/phxpurple: Silence ! you shall do as we say or otherwise...

The rest of Brightsiders were watching the transmistion, they all thought that the power they had was getting a little bit out their hands, they were also incredibly astonished by the fact that every word they said was in sync.

Blanks noticed something odd about the way those two talked..

Blanks: You guys are the assholes that send those stupid letters with the stupid ideas every single day to my office ! you are infected by the virus, you dont get it guys, you are diseased.

Mmotherwell/phxpurple: on contraire mon amie, The so called virus is the revelation given to us of how to run this team.

Suddenly their transmition was cut out, and several tvs light up, it was the turn of Alex Laugan, Omaha and NashMV3 of taking care of bussiness. Lino Canaan, a man who had the name of Steve Nash as a tatto in his forehead, entered to the room and gave to each GM a phone and a list, he loosed the rope so the guys could move their hands, however their feets were in tied with chains.

NashMV3/Omaha (Also managed to talk in sync, the virus seems to give the same thinking ability between affected people) : Is it time for you to follow our orders, in just one day, with some phone calls, a little bit of conviction and some financial movements, this team, will be in the finals next year...Muahahha MWAHUAHUAHA MWAUHUAHUAHUA !* only NashMV3 laughed cynically.

The end of Act I

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