First-time Rosterbator here. Beware of mess.



Hey guys, this is my first-ever fanpost. I fidgeted with the lineup a bit (OK, a LOT) and thought up a plan that could allow us to

1) keep Nash by making us championship contenders next season,

2) keep us young and talented when Nash and Hill retire, and

3) keep us flexible.

These are my "3 essential Keeps" that I believe should be fulfilled in any action the FO decides to make.

Now, the plan I thought up that should fulfill all this involves trading away Dudley and Gortat and also trading our 13th pick. If you're already disgusted, hit that little red "x" in the top right corner of your screen. If not, hit the jump!

I initially came up with this on the comments section of Euty's draft preview of Tyler Zeller, whom the Suns have worked out recently, so naturally this plan involves picking Zeller with a draft pick. But I think a lot of you would agree with me when I say that 13th is a little too high for Zeller, and would be quite disappointed if we chose him at that spot. He's solid, but his skillset is redundant with Gortat's and his ceiling isn't all that high.

But I like Zeller. He's a high character guy, a smart player, he can run the floor, and he can shoot out to 18 feet. Pretty much he's Gortat with a reliable jump shot. I want him on our team, but only if we can complement him with another draft choice, a dynamic backcourt player with potential and shot-creating prowess, a boom-or-bust type of guy.

And so I propose the following trade:

Kevin Martin
Samuel Dalembert
14th Pick
16th Pick

Marcin Gortat
Channing Frye
Jared Dudley
13th Pick

With the 14th pick we would choose Austin Rivers and Zeller with the 16th. Houston does this trade because they get a solid and young but experienced center in Gortat and also because they're shopping their picks anyways. They get rid of Kevin Martin whom they've also been shopping and get Jared Dudley, who fits that team's mentality of grit, hustle, and defense and is a great value for his salary.

Martin will be the playmaker/shot maker we need, and he's at his prime at age 29. This would allow Rivers to slide into the 6th man combo guard role. The addition of Dalembert would mean Zeller doesn't have to shoulder too heavy a load in his rookie season, and provide a physical and defensive veteran presence. This trade lets us unload Frye and Dudley, both of whom are solid but just do not have the talent to play big roles on a championship contending team. Frye is too inconsistent and soft and Dudley just can't get his own shot. Also we need to give value to receive value, so they must go if Houston is to consider this trade at all. If Houston still don't want to do it, fork over the $3 mil.

Once we do this trade, we sign Gerald Wallace to a short-term deal and Jason Thompson to a mid-level deal. Wallace we can sign for maybe 2 years 8 mil each and Thompson for 3-4 years 5-6 mil per year. We don't re-sign Lopez. We keep Childress as a benchwarmer and amnesty him next summer. Re-sign Brooks. Re-sign Nash and Hill.

Our roster would look like this:

PG - Nash, Brooks, Telfair
SG - Martin, Rivers
SF - Wallace, Hill, Childress
PF - Thompson, Morris, Warrick
C - Zeller, Dalembert, Thompson

With this roster we will be contenders for a couple years. It is a very good blend of youth, experience, offense, defense, athleticism, skill, size, and speed. We will also be very deep.

Once Nash and Hill retire, and Wallace and Dalembert leave, we will have a solid young core of Rivers, Thompson, Morris, and Zeller.

And we will remain flexible for the near future, as Dalembert and Martin come off the books next summer and we will have the option of amnestying Childress. This leaves us free to chase after James Harden. Warrick and Wallace would come off the books the year after. Nash and Hill the year after that if they are both signed to 3-year deals.

So, what do you guys think? Any and all feedback will be helpful, as I want to get better at rosterbating from here on out. Vote vote vote!!

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