Keep Nash, Win Now.

First time post on Bright Side. Moved to Phoenix 4 years ago. Adopted the Suns as my own since my hometown, Kansas City, has no team. Became an huge fan when they drafted my Jayhawk. Feel free to rip my post up!

The last thing I want to see is Steve Nash leave the Phoenix Suns. Any casual fan know that the Phoenix Suns are Steve Nash. That said, if the Suns keep Steve Nash, he will always keep the team just good enough to never get a high lottery pick, no matter the roster he has to work with. Steve Nash has stated he wants to play 3 more years. I think given his pass-first style, he can give 3 more quality years of Point Guard play to the Phoenix Suns.

If and only if, the Suns go all in and try to squeeze a championship out of one of the best PG's ever.

Now, I am not a Roster Guru nor do know squat about the salary cap. However, I am a huge basketball fan and I feel I know quality players when I see them.

Players I love on the Suns:

1. Nash (Obviously)

2. Gortat. This man is a stud. With more time with Nash, he could develop into the best offensive Center in the NBA. Have you seen the jump hook? Unstoppable. Do not trade this man. Long-term deal ASAP!

3. Morris. Up and down rookie year but the kid has heart. The suns need Defense and Rebounding. Morris provides both. With the roster changes I am about to suggest, he can concentrate on that and worry about nothing more than being a role player on the offensive end.

4. Hill. You are a great player and great role model. Stay on as an assistant coach, but no more bball for you. :(

Players I hate on the Suns:

Everyone else.

The only two I would keep are Dudley and Frye. Only to stretch the floor and provide depth. I am so sick of watching Frye attempt to play PF. He is a 7' SG.

I guess keep:

Lopez- Depth at Center. Nothing more.

Roster overhaul:

I'm not sure if these are realistic or not, but I would like to see these players on the Phoenix Suns.


Kendall Marshall - PG North Carolina 6'4" 197

This may be a reach, but the Suns need a replacement for Steve Nash down the road. Read this snip of a scouting report

"A brilliant, "natural" floor general ... Understands how to control the flow of the game ... Makes his teammates better ... Has the height and offensive awareness to see the entire court at all times ... Always dribbles with his head up ... Rewards teammates when they run the court ... Makes throwing outlet passes look effortless ... Has a very advanced sense of timing ..."

His weakness is that he isn't a scorer. If the Suns want a replacement that can run the pick and roll in the future, this kid is it. He is a true pass-first point guard.


O.J. Mayo. This kid can flat out score the rock. His career has declined some but he is a natural born scorer that has a decent outside shot and can get to the rim. The Suns need this. He could thrive with Nash handling the ball. Major upgrade over current SG's.

Micheal Beasley. Another big-time scorer. Wolves don't need Love, Williams, and him. I think the Suns can steal him away. A prime candidate for the pick and roll. Can also stretch the floor with a decent 3 point shot. Gets to the rim with ease and has good mid-range game. Sorry Grant, your time has come. Upgrade.


Kirk Hinrich. Still considered a well-above average defender on the PG or SG. Has lost a step over the years, but can provide a veteran presence and toughness to the team. Can also handle the ball when Nash / Marshall need a break. Can play PG or SG.

Jamal Crawford. Can still score the rock. Never afraid to go to the rim. He can play PG or SG and provide points off the bench. Already rumored to be interested. Sign him up.

The 2012-2013 Suns would look like this:

PG Nash - Marshall / Hinrich

SG Mayo - Crawford / Hinrich

SF Beasley - Dudley

PF Morris - Frye

C Gortat - Lopez

I think this roster could compete with the best.

Apparently there is a new rule in the NBA that you have to have a Jayhawk or two on your team to go to the NBA finals. Suns would have 2.

Let me know what you think. Please be as critical as possible, this is my first post.


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