My ideal (and realistic) offseason

Free agency starts next week so here's my ideal offseason that includes some realistic targets.

First of all: What does this team need? It's simple: Rebounding and defense, a low post option as well as a go-to-scorer that can create his own shot-

Second: What assets can this team offer? It's simple: Almost nothing. I'm a strict enemy of trading Gortat and/or Dudley only to get some late lottery picks and right now, Phoenix should be the last team to trade their future draft picks. So the only way to improve this roster is through free agency and the draft (#13).

Shooting Guard

One of my favorite wing prospects in this years draft is Washington's Terrence Ross. There's a high chance that he'll be available at #13 and he would be the best option in my opinion.

What does Ross give us?

He's one of the best shooters in the draft, he can come around screen, score in isolations (create his own shot) or simply spot up. He's a very long and good defender, which is the most important point for me. He might have with with his shlashing but I think that's something you can wirk on pretty easily, especially next to a point guard like Nash.

According to recent reports, Brandon Roy wants to make a comeback next season which leads to me first offseason target. I'm a huge fan of Brandon Roy, he was one of my favorite players in the league. Why would he sign here, though if hepropably receives some offers from contenders like Miami or Los Angeles? The answer is quite simple: Aaron Nelson. I know this guy doesn't have any cartilage left in his knees, but Nelson could keep him out of pain as much as possible and prepare him for each game, training sessions and workouts.Of course, you keep Michael Redd as security in case of in injury.

What does Roy give us?

Roy would give us a wing player who had the potential to be a francise player and first option for years to come. He can handle the ball, shot from midrange or three, get to the line and draw fouls. He always been a mediocre defender but that's why you bring back Grant Hill, right? In my plans, Roy would come off the bench since I don't he would fit next to Nash since Roy didn't fit in next to Andre Miller, a point guard who likes to control the tempo and get out and run. Roy is more of a halfcourt player but and excellent playmaker to put next to a decent defender like Telfair. Of course, he would be on the court in crunch time and would give us the much needed go-to-scoring option we need. Is Roy a guy for 38 minutes a night? No, but with reduced minutes (let's say 25 minutes) he could be super effective on our team.

Power Forward

It might sound stupid and it all depends on what Philadelphia will do this offseason but I'm praying that they will use their amnesty clause on Elton Brand. He would be forced to sign with us if can place the highest bid on the amnesty waivers and I'm sure that Elton would love our medical staff just like our other 'oldtimers'.

What does Brand give us?

First of all: toughness. He's a warrior and fighter inside, a guys that you can't move in the post. He's a decent rebounder and great low post defender. He could be an option against guys like Tim Duncan or DeMarcus Cousins because he's an intelligent and smart player. On offense, he still got a nice turn around jumpshot and a very decent rouch around the rim. He could easily be the third option on this option (after Roy, Nash) and a guy that can give you some easy in the post (something Gortat can't do consistently). Some of you might think that there would be problems with the spacing but Brand had a smooth mid range jumpshot.

Depth Chart

PG: Steve Nash / Sebastian Telfair / Aaron Brooks (do you want him back? I do!)

SG: Terrence Ross / Brandon Roy / Michael Redd

SF: Grant Hill / Jared Dudley / Josh Childress

PF: Elton Brand / Markieff Morris / Hakim Warrick

C: Marcin Gortat / Robin Lopez (only at a decent price) / Channing Frye

Shooting, rebounding, defense and Steve Nash would make this a great team to watch next season.

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