Draft is what?

So Kendall Marshall is the pick for the Suns. An athletic floor general with excellent vision and well above average passing ability. While he's not a scoring machine, he's a high percentage shooter from the field. He needs to work on behind the arc and at the line.

But beyond Marshall, what to the Suns need to do?

Well, we know now, that another PG, not named Steve Nash is clearly not in their plans. Nash could return with Marshall on the roster, but even that seems less likely now. But it would be quite unlikely for Deron Williams, Goran Dragic, Kirk Hinrich, Raymond Felton, Jason Terry, Andre Miller, Chauncey Billups, Jameer Nelson, etc will be in a Suns uniform next season. Some of those we might be sad about. Most of the FA PGs, were glad they're not coming to Phoenix.

So the position clearly left in the open, the position that is transforming the NBA world, the position that every team is searching for is 'the explosive' wing-player. The Kevin Durant, the LeBron James, the Paul Pierce, the Luol Deng. (Don't read too hard into my examples as Luol Deng and Paul Pierce are clearly not in the same category as KD or LBJ). By the way....there's no one even close to being like them on the market this off season.

So as it sits, here is our roster (without QFO FAs)

PG - Telfair, Marshall

SG - Childress

SF - Dudley

PF - Frye, Morris, Warrick

C - Gortat

Adding Brooks really doesn't give us much. We shouldn't need the depth, though Telfair has never played a complete season. Lopez is a welcome returner as a bench/role player; but if someone else offered him more, let him go. I'd add Omer Asik or even Marcus Camby (if his price was in the $2-3M range) as a 3rd C behind Gortat and Frye if Lopez left.

So what we need is two SG/SF who can run the floor, rebound, shoot lights out, and play defense when there aren't any out there. Nick Batum is the closest you could get, but he's restricted. Gerald Wallace would be on the bigger size of the scale, but not necessarily ideal.

First off, I do think the Suns should try to resign Steve Nash and Grant Hill. Make them respectable offers. $9M for Nash, $6M for Hill. It's respectable, not a slap to the face. Nash can play the 2 from time to time since Marshall is bigger and can defend on ball. He would also get more nights off. Hill would be the 6 or 7 guy coming from the bench most of the time and get a spot start maybe once a week.

Second, sign Gerald Green (W, Nets). He's 26, was drafted in 2005. He played well for Boston in 06-07 but has struggled since he was traded (with others for Garnett). Last year he seemed to find his touch again averaging almost 13 ppg in 31 games. He has size at 6'8 and is a great leaper (he won the 07 Slam Dunk Contest) but he is also a decent midrange shooter and average from behind the arc. He shot 48% from the field and 39% on 3s. He's about 80% at the line for his career. He needs to do some work on the boards, but is even on his A/T ratio. He moves well and can run the court for monster dunks, he'd be an above average signing who should be available in the $2-3M range since he only made $400k last year.

Finally, I would target a better reserve PF by moving Childress, Frye and/or Warrick (only if Lopez resigns does this work). Not all three have to move in the same deal, but I would try to move them in separate deals or with a third team to get cash, picks, or a SG who would rarely come off the bench but when he did, he'd nail open shots. Someone similar to Ray Allen, Jason Kapono, or Michael Redd. Obviously not those 3 since their FAs, but someone similar to them that would have an expiring contract. We'll use JJ Redick for this example. By moving 2 or 3 of the above mentioned Suns, then the FO can go and sign a Carl Landry, Jason Thompson, Louis Amundson type of FA. If they want to reach and sign Kris Humphries to be a starter instead of Morris, I'd be ok with that too. But someone who would get spot starts, provide some veteran presence behind Markieff, rebound well and have a decent low post game for when Gortat is resting. We'll use Thompson for this example, even though he's restricted.

Here's your new lineup:

PG - Nash

SG - Dudley

SF - Green

PF - Morris

C - Gortat

Bench - Marshall, Telfair, Redick, Hill, Childress, Thompson, Lopez

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