Marshall great, Suns still need more

Kendall Marshall is going to lead the league in assist sometime in his career, no doubt. I wouldn't favor of calling him the next Steve Nash but Marshall is a sure keeper.

But the Suns still need some moves to replace Steve Nash if he doesn't return.


Suns trade: Josh Childress, Robin Lopez

Nets trade: Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar, Johan Petro

Why the Suns do it: Anthony Morrow is a great shooter that can fit along in Phoenix's roster. In fact, Morrow in just his 1st year with New Jersey, led the league in 3pt %. Jordan Farmar brings playoff expirence and good hustle. Farmar is talented on both offense and defense, give him enough time and he could be putting up 14 or 15 a game. Petro can be a back up center and forward to both Channing Frye and Marcin Gortat. He would have to play harder if he wants valueable minutes off the bench since Markieff Morris is still there.

Why the Nets do it: Brook Lopez needs help and why not reunite him with his twin brother Robin Lopez? Then you have Josh Childress who can come in behind Gerald Wallace and provide valueable minutes off the bench.

Suns trade: Markieff Morris

Rockets trade:Patrick Patterson

Why the Suns do it: Patterson is a tough and strong player to backup Marcin Gortat. He can score the ball daily, and he's a very good offensive rebounder.

Why the Rockets do it: Markieff Morris can do anything and just about everything. He and his brother Marcus Morris would be on the same team once again. Markieff is the better rebounder of the Morris twins, he's a better passer, and he's a better post player.

Free Agents:

Ray Allen (BOS)- Going overboard a bit but I would love to see Ray Allen in a Suns uniform. With Shannon Brown gone to free agency, Ray Allen can help Phoenix with the long ball and clutch threes. Though, Age is catching up with Allen and his stroke is losing momentum as you saw against the Heat in the playoffs. Allen only averaged 9.9 points in that series while he averaged 14.2 points in the regular season.

Jerryd Bayless (TOR)- I know it don't seem like it but, Jerryd Bayless, if he wants, can be an outstanding point gaurd. And why not showcase that in Phoenix where he might just crack the starting role. Nash is out the picture most likely and Kendall Marshall will need to improve before becoming a starter. This is Bayless's 5th year in the league and in the next couple of years, he will be an All-Star at some point.

O.J Mayo (MEM)- I like the idea of O.J Mayo coming to the Suns and taking Shannon Brown spot as starter. Even though Mayo last season only averaged 11 points coming off the bench. But coming off the bench O.J Mayo would be phenomenal. He can score and he's a great defender.

Antwan Jamison (CLE)- Jamison is still in his prime even at this age. He came off the bench at some points for Cleveland and just went on scoring performances. Jamison can do the same for Phoenix. Jamison for a big man, can shoot the three and hit mid-range jumpers.

Greg Oden (POR)- People might think this will be a bad idea but since Portland let Greg Oden go, its a perfect opportunity for Phoenix to pick him up and HOPEFULLY Greg Oden can stay healthy.

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