This is BS

Everyone on this site is pretending like letting Steve walk is the rational decision.

If the FO cared AT ALL, then they would have traded him in the past two years and jump-started the rebuilding process. Instead, they hoisted two seasons of mediocrity on us, on purpose, to wrangle every last dollar out of the Nash era.

And don't give me that BS "they were stockpiling assets for a trade" line. We know thats not true. The Suns weren't linked ONCE to trying to land a player in the past two years. The icing in the cake? The draft: There were multiple players the Suns could have grabbed late in the first, or even early in the second (!) by getting a second pick. Nothing. That's the difference: when we wanted Dragic in the 2nd round, we got him. The suns have done this for years; we did this with Barbosa earlier. But not anymore. Nothing.

Nothing over the past two years.

Nash isn't leaving because he wants to leave Phoenix. He's leaving because because the FO are cowards, and this was their plan all along, their exit strategy. Their way of getting rid of Steve while not getting blamed for it. Their way of chopping payroll without it being obvious.

Also, this "Suns spend money" crap is BS, and has to stop. They were in the $70s when they were title contenders . . . . big whoop! If Sarver came in and just instantly dismantled the team to save money, their would have been a revolution! Instead, he's done is slowly but surely over the past 6 years. First the god-awful Kurt Thomas trade. Then came the slow dismantle of the title contender. Trade Marion for Shaq for NOTHING from the Cavs. Add no starter-caliber players in the past 3 years. We went from $78 mill in 2008 to 63 this year - notice the difference in the teams? When FA starts, and Nash walks, we will be down to $50. No, the Suns aren't spending money.

I know this is the "Bright Side" but letting Nash walk is the final step in a pathetic march towards mediocrity that began the minute Sarver bought the team. And as long as he's the owner (he never even had the assets to buy it in the first place, but thats for another time), it won't get better.

People should be outraged.

I finally moved up to Phoenix after years and years in Tucson (blech). I've wanted Suns season tickets since I was 5. My first memories are from the Suns's playoff run in 93; the first time I remember crying is after KJ's shot was blocked. I was old enough to stop crying when Barkley was traded, so I just moped for a month. I remember that awful Horry incident (one of many, of course). I watched Majerle get traded for a stiff and wondering what the hell was going on. I watched Rex Chapman's crazy three against Seattle and flipped the F out. I watched Jason Kidd become the best PG in in L. I watched Backcourt 2000 come and flame out (hey, at leas they were trying). I watched Jason Kidd bleach his hair crazy blond, then slap around his wife and get traded, and being the only fan I knew who was excited for Starbury. I watched when the lightbulb went off, and he hit that crazy half-court shot against the Spurs. I watched when we brought Nash home. I was in the building for every game of the 05 playoffs against the Spurs. My jersey is fully of mothballed Suns jerseys - KJ, Kidd, Penny, Rodney Rogers, Marbury, Amare, Barbosa, Nash.

I saved for a year, knowing I was moving, knowing I could finally buy season tickets.

Not anymore. Nash, walks, I walk. I know it's not much, but Sarver is getting my money from my cold, dead hands. Which is probably the way he prefers it.

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