Andre Drummond - Physical Beast

Let me say this. I had this guy on the radar since 3 years almost as a lock for the #1 pick whenever he would declare. I was in love with him coming out of highschool. An incredibly talented prospect I thought was combining some of the best traits of Amare Stoudemire's aggressive play, Dwight Howards body and Chris Webbers skills.

Then he played at UCONN. The Huskies had a bad season and lots of offcourt stuff happening with Calhoun etc. Drummond was not playing up to expectations at all and shot a disastrous 30 something % from the freethrow line.

A month ago I was not even sure anymore that he is worth a top 10 pick and closer to a DeAndre Jordan/ Kwame Brown hybrid instead of Amare/Howard/Webber.

But then comes todays news and I remembered why this guy is worth any risk involved in picking him and of all Huskies he might be the smartest. Character issues is something he does not really have except some people claiming he is not serious enough.

(Jeremy Lamb might be the dumbest player in the entire draft)

Anyway back to the news of today that reminded me that the Suns have to explore ANY possibility available to trade up for Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond was labeled the 'physical beast' of the 2012 NBA Draft by Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated.

Drummond is "278 pounds with 7.5 percent body fat. He said his vertical leap today was 38 inches. He was disappointed - said he's hit 40 before. He measured 6-9 3/4 w/out shoes, 6-11 3/4 w/ shoes, with a 7-6 1/4 wingspan," wrote Amick.

Drummond told Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports that he would love a one-on-one workout for the Hornets against Anthony Davis.

"I don't think we can get it done," said Drummond. "I'd love for it to happen."

Yes, those measurements make Dwight Howard jealous and the though that he might possibly be able to play PF too is incredible.

Imagine a frontcrout of


or if the Suns signed Brook Lopez and used Gortat in a trade for Drummond a combo of the Lopez twins with Frye and Drummond.

The Suns would have 4 7 footers in the frontcourt basically if you are generous and count Frye who is around 6'11 I guess close to 7'. Now if the Suns added the almost 7' Perry Jones who sees himself as a SF. Well the Suns surely would never be considered undersized anymore.

Let me throw in my favorite Andre Drummond mixtape. Maybe it was really just the issues of UCONN, lack of pro coaching and environment and poor team play that held him back in college.

Andre Drummond Official Mixtape Vol. 4 UCONN (via Crusader22Prd)

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