Suns need to get Tyreke Evans

Hey Everyone, this is my first fan post so please be easy on me.

So lately I've heard a few rumors about the Kings shopping the former 1st pick and ROTY Tyreke Evans. A recent article on claims the Kings may not be interested in extending Tyreke's rookie contract. This sounds like an ideal target for a PHX team looking to add a good scoring guard. I have a few trade ideas to make this happen, and one that could help us get Demarcus Cousins also.

My most likely trade scenario would be to send Channing Frye along with Hakim Warrick to Sacramento in exchange for Evans and Salmons.

Why the Kings do it

By taking the bloated contract of Salmons off the kings books they may be willing to part with a future all star for Channing Frye. This would save the Kings some money and also add what the suns need both a scoring 2 guard and a decent back up guard.

I realize that Salmons Contract is so large that many of you might not think this is worth it. This is why I've also devised another trade scenario where the suns are rewarded with DeMarcus Cousins for taking in Salmons.

By Including Gortat in this trade instead of Frye and adding in Jared Dudley, the suns could actually pull in Evans and Cousins, giving us two future all starts to play with a retained Steve Nash.

Why the Kings do it

Gortat is currently very comparable to Cousins in stats but comes without the attitude problem that Cousins seems to have. Dudley is also somewhat comparable with Evans, so the trade is not too unequal when you consider were trading Warrick's 4 million dollar contract for Salmons' 8 million dollar contract. This Free's the kings from a bad contract while unloading a player they were not planning on keeping around.

I know trying to get Cousins is a long shot, but there is no reason the Suns shouldn't be able to acquire Evans. Tyreke would fit in really well with the Suns. We need a good scoring 2 guard and someone who can create plays and take some of that pressure off of Nash. They could also play Steve as a shooter more often with Tyreke around to handle the ball. I have no doubt that Evans could be an all Star in the next 3 years. Even Aaron Brooks and Tyreke Evans together would be hard for defenses to deal with.

What do you all think about this?

So here is my quick and dreamy Suns Rosters












Pretty awesome either way really

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