Getting Eric Gordon 102 (We've gone past 101 already)

As of right now, New Orleans said they haven't received an offer sheet from the Suns-Gordon which could mean there is something happening. What exactly that is, its a secret for now. Also, since there is no signed offer sheet (as of now), it means the Gordon Dream is still alive.
This post is to explore how both the Suns and Eric Gordon can get what they want (or at least most of it anyways). We will be going on setting up with the following assumptions;

  1. Gordon's really wants out of New Orleans
  2. He wants the Suns ahead of any other team; this is important (more inside)
  3. He wants to get paid (58mil over the next 4 years)
  4. He also wants to be a/the key piece in a contending franchise
  5. The Suns really are willing to have him
  6. The Hornets want him in their future not necessarily right now

As of right now, the Suns have 11mil (give or take) of cap space left to spend this summer, and this doesn't include Robin Lopez, and will like to at least be a little flexible going forward. This could get us Lopez and a role player or 2 to fill the open spot(s) on the wing(s).

Now for the getting Gordon part. Eric Gordon is due to get 5.137mil next season if he opts to pick up his Qualifying Offer thereby giving him the chance to control his own destiny next summer as an Unrestricted Free Agent. that would mean he leaves at least 8mil on the table for next season, would you do that if it were you? Most wont (unless they get something else to cover up). So, the question is what is that something else, and where will it come from? IMO, the Phoenix Suns.

How? You might ask.

Well, what if he could get close to the 58mil he would get from the Suns or Hornets in the next couple of years? do I have your attention yet?

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As of right now, the Hornet are at an advantage as the can match the Suns offer and keep him for 4 years whether he likes it or not. But picking up his offer takes away most of that advantage as they will have to trade him or lose him for nothing next summer.

New Orleans are gonna be a 10-13 placed team with or without Gordon next year, and from there roster, and public opinion, they are gonna play next season with the hope of getting another good piece next draft. Due to this, having Gordon for the year when they don't plan to be competitive is just stupid, especially when they can get something for him right now. They will have to trade him for whatever they can get.

This approach will even net him more if he or his agent comes out to declare that he will be picking is QO, thereby allowing for him to get the full 4yrs/58mil. Of course, that is if the Hornets don't call his bluff anyways. If they do, he could pick his offer and force the Hornets to trade him to the Suns who will be willing to give up some assets for him. This approach of course reduces how much assets they can from the Suns (Lopez? protected 1st Round Pick? Multiple low 1st round to 2nd round pick...).

He could then sign a max extension with the Suns who will have his Bird Right (7.5% increase on salary). Also, at the end of next seasons, he would have played 5 years in the league, 2 more before he can get more than the 25% of total salary (14.5mil). Hence, a contract (extension) structure of





(17.7625) - 5yr extension

Total = 61.2625mil (79.025mil)

The good part about this is that, the Suns can retain Lopez (if he's not used in a trade for Gordon) and have Gordon without having to use the amnesty clause on Chilly, thereby having another player that can be used in a trade.

Possible Roster for 2012-13 Season

Dragic - Marshall - Telfair

Gordon - Dudley - Redd

Beasley - Childress

Frye - Morris - Warrick

Gortat - Lopez

This seems like a long shot, but its still a shot

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