Carlos, Marco and Brittney...?

Hey folks, drunkish again, Maker's Mark this time...

I was looking through some of the available free agents and I was wondering why we don't talk more about Marco Belinelli. What's the deal is he good or no...?

He's an unrestricted free agent and he drains three's at a pretty good clip. Seems like a prefect Sun's 2 Guard to me. I know most of the fan base would love to see Brittney Lee (or something like that) in a Suns uni so we can call ourselves Rockets 2.0, but why...? I mean, that is a seriously sucky nickname for a team...?

I know we struck out with 1 Hornet already (one who uses my first name as his last name - effen thief) but Marco might be great alongside Goran. It seems to me Goran and co are going to be running an offense that includes a lot of drive and kick type plays. Belinelli would be great for us if that prediction pans out. Also he's European. So is Goran! Awesome huh! Between Scola, Gortat, Belinelli, Goran, and Dudley (clearly Californian-not American) we'd be a veritable concoction of international Olympic All-Star's. Of course, we'd get completely annihilated by the American All-Stars (basically the Heat) but whatev's. My point is, we should be talking about him as a possibility.

Of course, deep down on the inside, I would also love for Brittney to sign with us. She's an amazing-ish player who Goran and Scola are very comfortable with and the fact that she has been able to defy the WNBA thus far has been a true inspiration to people with girl-names everywhere. I do wonder if some other team values her abilities more than the Suns FO, so I really, kinda think it might not happen. Though my finger's are totally crossed-ish!

Also on my list of people we ought to talk about a little bit: Carlos Delfino. Why? He's Euro-ish. D'uh.

Well he's actually Argentinian, same as Scola, BUT - Delfino is a perfect example of an NBA player who is good at everything but great at nothing. Sounds like the kind of guy you want to have on a squad full of 2nd chance'ers who are playing to increase their trade value just as much as they are playing to win games. Does he suck at anything? Not really. But what stands out...? Nothing, right? See, perfect! Plus, he's European! But not really...

What if Belinelli and Delfino don't pan out you might ask? It's all good cause we gots Super-Dudz who can play both of their positions! He could say something like, "peace out fool's, I'm going down hard, Cali-style!" and take most of those minutes if needed. On top of that I think we should do our best to re-sign Brown. He may have come from the Lakers but he lost most of the ego during his tribulations last year, so he's mostly kosher now. Plus he doesn't totally suck. Oh yeah, is there any question that we should re-sign Lopez...? Gortat is great but seems to get in a lull at times and the only thing that seems to help pull him out is the threat of Lopez stealing his job.

And you know someone is going to rip Frye's arm straight-the-fuck-off this season so it's probably best not to rely too much on him at the center position.

So assuming we don't make a major trade (D. Howard mother-effers!) we ought to look something like this:

Goran/Bassy or Simba Walker aka Kendall Marshall

Lee or Belinelli/Brown


Scola/Frye or Morris - sorry Warrick.

Gortat/Lopez or Frye

OR if we miss out on Lee and Brown

Goran/Bassy or Simba Walker



Scola/Frye or Morris

Gortat/Lopez or Frye (sigh)

That puts us at 13 or 14 players depending on who is willing to sign for us at terms that are reasonable for the franchise. It is in no way the kind of line-up that would carry the team to a championship, but it is a team full of a lot of very moveable pieces, that could lead to players, that could lead us to the promised land. It's depressing to write that but, yep, we are "probably" that far off.

Anyway - Delfino and Belinelli, what do you think...?

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