Hey! I got SGs and SFs for cheap

Hey guys, i remember one year ago making a post very alike to this next one, where i put some info about possible Free Agents and my best take on it, so let´s roll the dice and do it quick and painless. But please let me state something, i really think this season is a wash, it has been said that our FO can´t accomplish to fill all the holes in one season, i think is reasonable that they don´t so the list of players you will see are not Eric Gordon type of, they are nice additions that could be that SG this year and then going to the bench giving up good and needed depth to our wing players.

Marco Belinelli: I might be not so objective on him because i really like him as a player, he is from Italy therefore he is a an euro player( I am such a genius), as you all know making the transition from one place to another can take time, nonetheless he is a great shooter and will ceirtainlty be a nice addition in this roster, we could use a pure shooter along with Kendall and Dragic who likes to play slasher, Marco is also good at driving to the basket and he can pass the ball, he is not a starter SG, in fact he played 30 minutes per game last season and only scored 12 ppg but i can easily see those numbers getting better with this team, he will be surrounded by more talent that there was in New Orleans. He is not a liability in the defensive end and again he is a goood goooood shooter, we could rely on him when we need a 3 point shot or hitting free throws late in game. you would love him as a back up SG spotting and killing from 3, and for a wash season it would ideal to his development to keep loading big minutes.

6.5 mil 2 years for Marco.

Michael Redd: We know he can be an offensive character from time to time, but consistently he won´t deliver, his knees just won´t allow it, he however is a instant offense, coming from the bench would be ideal even without a starting SG he is not a suitable option to start. AND he brings the veteran factor, so guys like Beasly won´t go around do whatever they want in court and rookies and other guys can look up to a hard working guy, nice pick up but just can´t start.

Min veteran, 2 years for Redd.

Jason Richardson: Does anyone want more picks? you could get them for taking his contract out of the payroll of Orlando, we could try a trade for Frye and get away with a veteran yet declining SG along with picks.

His contract is horrid, he is making 6 mil each year for 3 years.

Shannon Brown: He is the more likely option and you guys know him, a guy with talent who has little physical limitations, he can be a 20 ppg player and he could play hard nose D, but his head along with so many years of watching the well hated Kobe Bullshit have blinded him and he imitates his game, sometime only Bullshit is capable of doing, maybe if he play smart and good defense he will be a top FA but he was a Faker, so you can understand his lack of I.Q.

I would give him a frontloaded contract 9 mil the first year, 3 mil the next year player option, just in case he doesn´t a one year deal.

Rudy Fernandez: You wants speed ? Rudy has it. You want instant offense? Rudy has it. You want excellent passes? Rudy has them. Rudy is good rotation player, he can shoot 36 3point FG% and 80 career FT %. He is smart and he is worth some money but Rudy might be too high, i think he can be a great fit in a running team.

11 mil 2 years and it probably would take 12.

Anthony Parker: This guy is a scrub but hey he can shoot, i know he would be more than happy to play for anytime, given his 37 years old, is not a bad defender, in fact he is kinda good, again is a veteran he is great for a wash season.

Min vet 1 year.

Carlos Delfino: He is good at many things but not great at anything particular. Good shooter but i doubt he can keep up those numbers 36 3 FG% and 80 FT% if he we want more than 9 ppg from him, he could be, he is interesting for sure.

I don´t see this guy drawing too much interest 6 mil 2 years.

C.J Miles: He is hardworking guy and that doesn´t say too much, he posted 9.1 ppg , bad 3 point shooter a 30 % but good at 80 FT %, i don´t know too much of him to be honest but he is name you could guys throw around more in threads i guess.


We have two valuable things, picks and Warrick´s expiring body( Ok...contract), i won´t go into trades as i would happily be glad that you guys do that part in the comment section.

so let us start with Brandon Rush who is an RFA and he shouldn´t be overpay, not at least by us, since we are going cheap Golden State would match i think.

Brandon Rush: He had a nice season shooting 45 % from 3 pointland, and 80 FT %, snabbed 4 rebs per game and almost a block per game, with just 9.8 ppg. But he is more than his stats say, he is a great lockdown defender and is really an awesome shooter, i´d love to have him and then move him to the bench when someone more talented comes around.

Marcus Thornton: He is a starting SG, he is a pure scorer, he is a great shooter, he is definetely worth a big something and i am not sure the Kings would trade him, but it makes me wonder if we could work out something for him. If we could get this guy, i am sure we could go for a playoff run. Scored 19 ppg last season shooting 34% of 3 pointland and 82% from FT.

Arron Affalo: Is he becoming expendable in a roster that has Wilson Chandler, who is more a SF but could play SG, and after the pick of Evan Fournier the SG from france? I think he is getable, and he will make a impact like Thornton would, but this guy can play better defense yet not so offensive as Thornton. 15.2 ppg at 40% from 3 point land and 80 FT%, he is also a guy that could make us go for a kinda deep run in playoffs.

I wanna mention Danny Granger too, but people seem to dislike him and his contract is just not so sexy ,14 mil each year per 2 year...

So this is everything, i just wanted to make this post so more names could flow around this site while we are waiting too see what our FO has in mind, are they going all in going for Thornton or Affllalo? Or keep it cool and safe for another year and signing a roll player for the cheap until next year ? Anyway i´d be happy.

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