Pensamiento Lateral, but you are not looking at the problem.

I am going to put the first paragraph in spanish because i can and because i hope it would catch your attention...

´´Pensamiento lateral (del inglés lateral thinking) es un método de pensamiento que puede ser empleado como una técnica para la resolución de problemas de manera creativa. El término fue acuñado por Edward de Bono, en su libro New Think: The Use of Lateral Thinking y publicado en 1967, que se refiere a la técnica que permite la resolución de problemas de una manera indirecta y con un enfoque creativo. El pensamiento lateral es una forma específica de organizar los procesos de pensamiento, que busca una solución mediante estrategias oalgoritmos no ortodoxos, que normalmente serían ignorados por el pensamiento lógico. ´´ From Wikipedia.

´´Lateral thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.´´ From Wikipedia.

You might see a lot of buzz going around the league these days, we are being linked to a number of players that ceirtainly are nothing but an intend to hold on mediocrity we very much adore. I HIGHLY recommend you take your mind off the most media garbage that is flowing around, i am looking at you twitter, stick to real sources, like for example i dont know or not Bleacherreport....god no, however let us begin this post

As you read Lateral Thinking is about observing the problem and then try to find an approach that fits the result one desires. But how could you possibly resolve the problem if you are not perceiving whats going on ? here is a list of the dilemmas we are facing:

-Nash is leaving.

-We have no SG.

-We will suck for long time.

-´´I dont want to suck for long time´´ by everyone

-We cant rebound, we cant score.

-OMFG !This is worst than VC, JAMAL CRAWFORD?

and the solution to these problems are overpaying guys, which is a stupid thing to do, yes we are losing ground being to passive, but throwing 10 mil at Dragic is not something that would solve anything really, or giving max to E.G without really taking care of the REAL problems in our team.

The thing with all the things above us are not really how we should look at the situation, i invite you to take how i began to look the game :

-We play no defense.

-´We have never had any offensive scheme rather than just giving the ball to the one who used to be our PG.

-We lack athletism to compete in both sides of the court.

-We need young core to build around in the future.

-We don´t have a ´´To Go Player´´ in late game.

I am going to present a number of solutins to the 2nd list:

List of players i would sign:

-Alonzo Gee 12mil/3years

-Shannon Brown 12mil/3years

-Michael Beasly 14 mil/2years

-O.J Mayo if and only if he comes by 21mil/years.

-Bring back RoLo.

-Go for Jason Kidd or Andre Miller( Im going with Miller who is more realistic)


-Joss Chidlress / O.J Mayo+ Gortat+future 2013 pick to Indiana for Danny Granger( Im going with childress)

-Warrick for Zaza Pachulia+2nd round pick.

So now you have:



Danny Granger/ Gee/Beasly*

Beasly/ Frye/ Morris

RoLo/ Zaza Pachulia/Frye*

The roster might be very unnapealing but i think that roster is capable of:

-Play hard nose Defend at every single position.

-Very athletic, well maybe center position not that much.

-We have some fine shooters on Dudley, Granger, Frye, Miller and some hard working people on Gee, Dudley ( Again), Beasly, Brown.

-We could run and gun, since no one on that roster taking out the Center position shoots lower than 35 3pt %

-Granger would provide late clock shooting.

And very important, we have tons of assets for the future, in case we want to bring a big FA next year.

This sounds very good to me? I would love this. Is this roster realistic? Absolutely except for Danny Granger who is long shot but is possible, would this happen? No chance in hell, see our FO is worry about other things like Nash who is not in the position of doing anything for us right now. Es pensamiento Lateral, my teach taugh me that. And even though you disagree with my roster, i´d invite you to think about what is the real problem and not focus on media and focus on what the others are thinking.

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