Team Construction

I had a discussion the other day with a friend about the kind of players he would choose in order to construct a team. To make it harder more interesting for ourselves we made two limitations which were that the team could only have two all-stars on it and no NBA starter can be a bench on your team. I was curious to see the players other people on BSOTS would choose. Anyway, hit the jump to see my list.

Center-Demarcus Cousins. Cousins is an absolute monster on the boards and is an offensive juggernaut. Per 36 minutes he averaged 21 points and 14 boards and he is only 21 years old. Neither Bynum nor Howard were in that vicinity when he was age 21.

Power Forward- Kevin Love. This to me is a no brainer because he is also a monster on the boards, can score from anywhere, and is only 23 years old. His outside game would be a nice complement to Cousins' low post game.

Small Forward-LeBron James. Another no brainer and my second all star. James is Currently the best player in basketball and he took his game to nearly unprecedented levels in the modern NBA era. He is also pretty young at age 27.

Shooting Guard-Since there can be no more all stars on this team, I chose to include a certain future all-star in Eric Gordon. We were foaming at the mouth that he wanted to play for the Suns and for good reason because he is a tremendously skilled scorer.

Point Guard-I like a point guard who is capable of shooting the ball and playing lockdown defense. That eliminated John Wall who shot 7% from three this season. I chose Goran Dragic as a result as it really boiled down between Dragic and Lowry.

Backup Center- I'd go with Tiago Splitter who is a mobile 7'0 player who can finish at the rim, bang down low, run, rebound, and play defense. I also went with him because Splitter and my backup shooting guard already have pre-existing chemistry.

Backup Power Forward- Taj Gibson. Gibson has a solid jumpshot, can play defense, rebound and is very athletic. He can also run the floor really well.

Backup Small Forward-Jan Vessley who is extremely long and athletic and incredibly tall for a small forward as he is 6'11. I wanted my reserves to be athletic, a good defensively and sound at rebounding.

Backup shooting Guard-Manu Ginobli. He is an older player for sure but he has championship experience and a great pick and roll game with Splitter. He can knockdown a three and is very much a starting caliber player. Not that I need to explain who Manu freaking Ginobli is.

Backup Point Guard-This is where I had some trouble.I wanted a point guard who was good at running the floor and also had veteran leadership. I came up with Andre Miller; not an ideal choice by any means but he is a cagey veteran who is experienced at running the floor and can still play defense.

I don't have any links for you guys. I know I suck.

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