Let's talk about Eric Gordon

If it's a thread about Nash, or a post about the Sun's cap space, everything I read eventually evolves into a conversation about Gordon, and his implications for our team. With good reason
In 2 years, he may very well be the best shooting guard in the NBA.
Yeah, I said it. Wade and Kobe are declining. Ginobili isn't getting any younger. He's already as good as JJ, Tyrke or Monte. His only competition is James Harden, who just choked pretty hard. Dragic is great, Beas is a good gamble . . . but Gordon is the type of player who can carry the Suns. So let's talk about him. Specifically:
Do you think he's coming? (Will NOH match, or will it be a S&T?)
What will our lineup look like with Gordon?
What is his potential? What is the Suns' with him on the team?

My genius answers, respectively:

  1. Will Eric Gordon be a Phoenix Sun next season? Yes. I know the Hornets are saying they will match. Of course they are. It makes absolute sense; and they gain nothing by throwing in the towel at this stage. But I don't think they plan on keeping him (and I don't think the Suns are against a S&T). As others have pointed out, the assets we got from the Lakers really help facilitate a Gordon S&T. I think we are sending them absolutely every Laker pick, and using the cash to help amnesty either Chilly or Warrick. Best case scenario: Just the picks and maybe cash. Probable scenario (I would be willing to wager on) Lopez and picks. Their only big men are Anthony Davis . . . and Gustavo Ayon. So yeah. They could definitely use a young, above-average back up center. I think Lopez and all 4 Lakers picks gets it done. It's worth noting that this is about what we got back for JJ in 2005.
  2. What will the lineup look like with Gordon? This is what I see everyone laying out in other threads, so I figure it would be good to create a space for these. I, for one, think Suns fans are a bit to tied to the 10-man rotation - it made sense with teams in the past; but it's super rare and not worth sticking to. I also think Dudley is a 3, and Beas plays best as a Lamar Odom type 4. So it goes Dragic-Gordon-Dudley-Beasley-Gortat. I think Marshall gets guaranteed time at the 1 (maybe 10-12 minutes a game) . . . other than that, you get to play matchups and hot streaks. Because A LOT of our players can play multiple positions pretty easily. Dragic is on fire? Play him off Marshall and let Gordon rest a bit. Dudley's shot is off? Slide Beas down to the 3 and play Morris more. Gortat's tired? Put in Morris or Frye for the greatest 3 point shooting team of all time. There are a lot of options - it would be stupid to stick to a strict 10 man rotation. Again, for appearance's sake:
  3. What's the potential? I like this question. A lot.
    I don't think it's crazy to suggest Dragic is capable of 17 and 9 a night. He did it in Houston.
    I don't think it's crazy to suggest Gordon is capable of 25 and 5 a night. These are very modest bumps in his previous production, and he's only 23.
    That means you have a backcourt producing, reasonably, 42-14-5 plus good defense. How many backcourts produce that?
    Parker and Ginobili, combining their best seasons from different years, come in at 42-12-5, but never did it with any consistency. And they are, in my opinion, the greatest single backcourt of all time. Maybe Isiah and Dumars are better - they averaged 36-14-6 in 1990.
    Now, I'M NOT saying that next year, Gordon and Dragic will combine to be the greatest back-court of all time - but they will be good. And could be very, very good in the future. I think Dudley and Gortat are already role players of the highest order - and will be for some years.
    That's why I'm even ok with parting with Marshall to get Gordon. I think that would be an extremely hard offer for them to refuse - but to team up Gordon and Dragic is worth it. If the Beas gamble works out, then you're talking top 4 team within 2 years. If not, you have assests (draft picks, Beas+Marshall/Lopez) to improve in the future.
    I think getting Gordon guarantees a top-6 playoff appearance next year. I think the team has the potential to contend for a title within 5.

All right, Suns fans, let's hear it

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