Best Move in 2 years

I know most or you losing Steve Nash was a disaster. I bet everything was written was an excuse to help us absorb the news and feel better about ourselves. I have read "analysts" takes and they don't offer a true insight on what had happened. It's basically condolences in disguise.

The way I see it, what we witnessed was Sarver's best move since hiring Alvin Gentry. I hate the guy, always did, as much if not more than each and every true Suns fan, he's a banker who doesn't really care how the game is played as long as it pans our financially. He let Joe Johnson go, he let Amare go, he let Steve Kerr go, all home grown talent that

used the Suns as a training field to go our and try to excel in OTHER markets. Which, being a Suns fan, sucked. Up

untillast Wednesday.

The move not only shows Sarver is partly human, he did what's right regardless of financial benefit. The whole deal

was a model of team work. Nash wanted to stay close to his family, Suns wanted to get something in return. So they

agree to send him to the annoying Lakers, and do a sign trade that gives Phoenix what they always threw away in trades, draft picks.

The Suns get money, salary cap, and ends a desperate failed attempt that last two years that basically benefited no one. Nash was getting older and had no shot at a ring, the team was going nowhere, once they traded Amare, tweaks and twists weren't really enough anymore.

So with the move the Suns do the following :

1- Pay Nash back for being the best teammate they ever had and wasting two years because he's loyal by sending him to a place where he can win a ring, and they made sure he's paid well.

2- Dealing with the whole situation in classy manner that leaves no burnt bridges.

3- Start what they should've started 2 years ago, and that's rebuilding. Kendall Marshal is a great building block, paired with Dudley, Dragic and maybe Eric Gordon and Marcin Gortat. With TWO first round draft picks for the next two years. And two second round picks. While maintain flexible cap space as there are no big contracts on this team.

4- I have a feeling about this team that resembles the OKC Thunder. No big name agents will make it to the Suns, they all want to be part of super friends teams now in NY, LA, Brooklyn and Miami. But they can still build a contender with the picks, cap space, and this year's pick, all we have to do is keep a balanced head and not rush anything.

5- As a previous member of the Suns organization and a veteran scout, I think the Suns could come up big in the next two years, I like the prospects next year and the year after, and a simple trade can give us a top 5 pick easy.

So all we have to do is learn to turn the page, as this story didn't have the happiest of endings, but the spin at the end scene was satisfying. Because it promises the sequel is going to be even better.

Good luck Suns and Suns fans. Stay loyal.

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