If NO Matches- Not the end of the world

Let's be clear- we want Gordon!!! But, if NO matches and makes him feel good about himself, it's not the end of the world.

Best case scenario is that NO doesn't match and Gordon becomes the next great Phoenix Sun. However, not getting Gordon may end up being a better, long term solution for the Suns. While Gordon is a great player- he is not a Lebron, he is not a Kobe, he is not a Dwight Howard. He is a great piece, but he is not the franchise. As we have seen with free-agents of the superstar caliber, Phoenix is not the prime destination as it is a middle market team. If the Suns hope to be actual contenders, they need multiple guys of Gordon's caliber. Should Gordon not sign, the Suns will not be good next year. They will be lucky if they are in the top 12 of the Western Conference. However, that's a good thing. One year of bad is much better than 3 years of mediocre. Let's face it, even with Gordon, the Suns have little chance of beating the Lakers with Nash and an even smaller chance of beating the OKC Thunder. However, if they are bad next year, and have a high draft pick, they can start building. The OKC Thunder did this the right way. They got lucky with the Durant/Oden pick. But they still developed players and will now CONTEND for at least 2-3 more years. This is why the Kendall Marshall pick is such a good one. The Suns have their future floor general. They may even have it with Dragic. Dragic is not Westbrook, but he has shown he can be just as lethal at times. Markieff Morris is a great piece. His ceiling is Paul Milsap. But I think his floor isn't far below that. Dudley is who he is, but he is the kind of guy, much like Dan Majerle, that defines the organization in a very positive way. He is a winner and not a whiner. The core of the Suns in 3 years- after one bad year- if they can get some lottery luck, and keep making smart picks, could be awesome and be the next OKC.

Additionally, this is why the Suns probably liked the 4 Lakers picks over the offers from the Knicks/ Raptors. Let's say the Suns are horrible next year and have a top 6 pick- then, all of the sudden, they have two first round picks and have a better chance of using both picks to move up to the top 3. Top 3 picks can be game changers.

I read this blog a lot. I love the Suns, but I want them to be relevant again and I think that the current forecast of the West is really tough for the Suns. Therefore here is my best case scenario- (I save the best for last).

Gordon doesn't sign the offer sheet and, instead, signs the Qualifying Offer for the one year with NO. If he does this, NO is screwed and may just try to trade him right then and there. The Suns sign Lou Williams, or someone else for a two year contract. The Suns go 10-72, get a top a 3 pick next summer. The Suns draft Nerlens Noel or Cody Zeller (or another good PF/C) and sign Gordon to a Max deal next year. The Suns let Hakeem Warrick walk, with another 4 mil cap room, then they amnesty Childress, Then you have this lineup:

PG: Dragic - Marshall
SG- Gordon- Dudley
SF- Beasley- Dudley/ Morris
PF- (Drafted big)- Frye/ Morris
C- Gortat- Lopez/ Frye

Now the Suns are building something. They have their cornerstone and their Game Changer and they end up with Gordon for an extra 2 years- all because the Suns sucked for one year. All of the sudden, by the time the Suns are really getting it- Nash turns 42 , Kobe's legs fall off and James Harden figures out that he can make max money on the Milwaukee Bucks or some other team. Again, it's a dream- but what a dream.

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