BrightSide History Re-Visited: The Troll Wars of 2010

Because multitudes of you have heard the rumors and clamored to hear the tale retold (okay, I think phxpurple brought it up once), below is the retelling of the epic Troll War betwixt BrightSide and BlazersEdge that reached its apex following the December 7th, 2010 game in Portland. Nash scored 24 and had 15 dimes, but the Blazers outscored PHX 37-24 in the 4th, and outshot the SUNS at the line for the game, 32 made free throws out of 33, while PHX was 17-21.

Remember, these comments are from the musty recesses of ancient days of yore, virtually two centuries back in internet years--

TrollStan: "Yea, verily. Swift and true were the SUNS upon the court this eve."

haremoor: "Hail and wellmet, TrollStan! Prodigious was the effort of the SUNS, indeed."

blazer-lover: "poop"

waxmonkey: "Mayhap the choice of Turkoglu at PF is not producing the desired efficiency we seek."

likeRoy, orhegone: "Pheonix is dumb"

ScottHoward: "Methinks if Earl Barron starts many more games for us, I wilt form an committee to ignite his carcass."

Trialblazerfanatic: "The suns are doody heads"

Eutychus: "Twas most vexing to view the disparity of yon officials."

bilwallton4ever: "oh, yeah, blame the refs-- yer a buncha whiney baby boogers!"

daking: "Surely, the SUNS shalt smite the foe uponst their visit to the desert."

blazer-lover: "poop. snot. urine"

SNQP: "Though the vocabulary be mightily high, I wish Jim Coughenour wouldst abate his prevaricating about the bush and hurry up and join BSotS."

[Ok, ok. An actual fanpost from that night after the jump.]

Words of Wit and Wisdom from those Charming Chaps over at BLEH-edge...

After a simply scintillating exchange of pleasantries following the game last evening, those delightful little lads over at Blazers-ech posted the exchange copied below.

They did have some true things to say about us, such as, "They don't deserve Nash." I mean really, no one does.

But I found it EXTREMELY insulting when they stated that BrightSiders "wish they were Laker fans"!! BAD FORM! Call us "whiney" (me, for instance); call us "degenerates who don't floss" (i.e., waxmonkey, haremoor); call us "the worst blog on the internet" (hey! we're #1 at something!).

BUT call us Laker-fan wannabes? Them's fighting words!! That's tantamount to calling an American WWII vet a Nazi, a southern Rebel a Yankee, or ScottHoward an angel of light and optimism!

You, sirs, have besmirched our good name!! I desire to fling invective vituperations upon thy persons, but since I can think of no greater insult nor punishment than being a blazer troll, I will forgo any additional affronts...

The copied lines from Blazersedge:
Wish you didn't link to the Suns blog..thing

I forgot how whiney other fans are. Read that post.

Forget the reffing. Forget how much you’re sick of the Blazers fighting and shoving the Phoenix Suns and ultimately getting the benefit of the calls.
(Of course, these are only regular season games. Before Christmas. They don’t erase the wonderful beatdown in the playoffs a few months ago. Playoffs matter most. The Suns have 2 home games left against the Blazers to even this score.)

Then he goes on to blame outright Goran Dragic.

Hard to respect a blog like that

Trade John Canzano

by richardb on Dec 8, 2010 2:48 AM PST reply actions

It's probably the worst blog on the internet

Horrible writing. Stephenie Meyer’s read’s Seth Pollack’s writing to make herself feel better after folks call her writing immature. The fanbase is full of degenerates who don’t floss and wish they were Lakers fans. They don’t deserve Steve Nash.

by tominhawaii on Dec 8, 2010 3:27 AM PST up reply actions 4 recs

The Host

wasn’t that bad.

Just waiting for the Ducks to lose.

by NBAstard on Dec 8, 2010 8:46 AM PST up reply actions

About right

They’re pretty sure they are going to dominate us in Pheonix too. No matter how bad their team is they always have Nash to drag them back out of oblivion. The day Nash retires or goes somewhere else they’ll fall into a decade of irrelevance.

by poorwebguy on Dec 8, 2010 10:05 AM PST up reply actions

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