Michael Beasley vs Chicago Bulls in-depth shot breakdown

I did my own little shot breakdown of what I saw Beasley doing during the game. Really just notes. I would trust Jacob's excellent analysis over mine but we both talk about/noticed different things so it can be used to spread some more light on what happened so we can all hopefully get a clearer picture.


Beasley gets a pass but shuffles his feet before starting to move; traveling. Turnover.

3rd: PnR with Telfair, decent pick by Beasley, Telfair fakes Heinrich out of his shoes but passes it to Beas. ISO Facing away from Deng and the basket, Beas half-spins to his left juking Deng hard, then spins back, now facing the basket which gets him an open shot then shoots the open elbow jumper, off the glass and in. Make.

Fourth shot: Morris has the ball between the foul and three point lines. Gortat screens Deng for Beasley. Pass to Beas who has the wide open three but doesn't feel comfortable (Deng coming at him) so he dribbles it up a little bit and shoots the 16ft pullup jumper over Boozer with Deng chasing him from behind. One of those bad-if-he-misses shots so... bad shot but it went in. Make.

Fifth shot: Telfair gets the steal and throws it up court. Beasley grabs it and throws it down. Easy shot. Make.

Sixth shot: Telfair passes to Beasley and Gortat goes to set a screen down on Beasley's left but Beasley goes up to the right. Gortat stays in front of Deng, and as Beasley moves past Gorat, Gortat puts his leg out and sets a screen on Deng giving Beasley a little time. At the top right corner of the paint Beasley pulls up and shoots the jumper over Boozer. Bad if he misses it shot (BIHMIS). Not very high-percentage. Make.

Seventh shot: Gortat sets a screen on Deng, Beasley gets the out-of-bounds pass from Shannon Brown but doesn't move fast enough so Deng gets close on him. 6.5 seconds so Beas drives anyways and dribbles with his left hand, Deng on his right. Four feet from the basket Beas pulls up, Noah puts a hand in his face, Beas shoots it on the way down, 4.5 seconds left, but Noah blocks it. Shot blocked.

Eighth shot: Continuing of his 7th shot which was blocked, now right under the basket, Beas picks the ball up off the ground. Beas stands and shoots the layup before Noah, Heinrich or Deng get up, 2.3 seconds. Make.

Ninth shot: Beas brings the ball up court. Deng goes for the steal, Beas spins and dodges it and dribbles up and takes an open pullup jumper. Not a horrible shot but there was 17 seconds left on the clock. Miss.

Tenth shot: Gortat passes/dumps the ball on Beas at the three point line with Deng on him. Beas puts Deng on his right shoulder and dribbles with his left. He drives and takes about a 9ft pullup contested jumper with 8 seconds. Make.

Beasley gets a handoff from Gortat. Gortat screens Beasley's man but Boozer switches to Beas. Beas dribbles from the center of the FT line north and east towards the basket. Beas passes the ball through traffic to Markieff. Markieff is open for the backdoor dunk but he's facing the basket instead of open for a pass. The pass comes in too fast and a little high for Markieff. Kieff can't control it. Bounces off him and goes out of bounds. Pass was high and on Kieff's left when it should have been mid right for a dunk instead of the layup Beas tried to set up. Seems like a miscommunication. Turnover.

Beasley pushes off Deng. Offensive foul. Turnover.

Eleventh shot: Gortat hands off to Beasley and screens Deng. Instead of taking and shooting the open shot he dribbles once, gets his feet set and takes a contested shot. He should have been ready to take and shoot but his momentum was forward and his feet weren't set. Miss.

Twelfth shot: Suns fastbreak 4-3. Beas calls for the ball before halfcourt. Belinelli's with Telfair on the wing, Butler gets locked up with Gortat, leaving Heinrich to guard Morris and Beasley. Telfair passes to Beasley at the three point line, Heinrich runs at Beasley, Beasley acts like he's doing a jumper, Heinrich goes up but Beasley puts it down, three steps and he's up for the MONSTER dunk. Goes up with two hands and slams it down with one (with his right;Beas has told reporters his "right is more powerful" before). Make.

Thirteenth shot: Beasley passes it to Telfair. Beas calls for it back. Telfair passes it back, Beasley turns and shoots. Contested. Not the highest percentage shot but it goes in. Make.

Beasley gets it with 9 seconds and dribbles with 5, using his right, he just drops it as his arm is going up for a jumper. Turnover.

Fourteenth shot: Beasley gets it with 5 on the shot clock. His defender is on him, there's not much he can do, hoists up a long 2 with 3.2 seconds left. Almost goes in. Miss.


From watching this game (and many others) it's pretty clear he doesn't have the point-forward skills we thought other teams may have overlooked. His he's not efficient when creating for himself, lateral quickness is way too slow, when given responsibility (a lot of possible choices) he's prone to bad decisions and he can't be trusted to handle the ball, especially in traffic. But this game has shown that he's a finisher. He's not very good when we draw up plays for him but this game he fell in with the flow of the offense which got him good looks, open lanes for dunks and transition baskets. He's still a good rebounder, can finish around the rim, get put-backs and can pass to the open man. Once again it's pretty clear he should play as a power forward. He's had mostly good 3pt%; 40.7%, 27.5%, 36.6%, 37.6%. He needs to stay away from isolations and silly jumpers. He's also not good at taking the last shot because when he makes hurried decisions they're usually poor ones

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