Several Gortat trade scenarios.

I think at this point, trading Marcin Gortat should be one of the top priorities of this front office. He, along with Jared Dudley, have the most trade value. This team needs to commit to a full rebuild and the way to implement a reset the teams needs to maximize value on its most appealing assets.

Trade #1: In my first trade we have Gortat, Johnson, Brown,Telfair and Dudley being traded to Washington in exchange for Jan Vesely, Emeka Okafor, Trevor Ariza, and a 2013 unprotected lottery pick. The Wizard traded Rashard Lewis for these Okafor and Ariza in hopes of providing veteran stability and making a playoff run, but they sit dead last in the NBA. Instead of letting Okafor and Ariza leave through free agency to sign with contender (I think Boston would be a good fit for Okafor and Indiana would be a good fit for Ariza),, they would fix two problems in need of being addressed by making this trade. Gortat would allow NeNe to slide over to the Power Forward position where he could be dangerous and Dudley's three point shooting, hustle, and defensive intensity provides the Wizards with the excellent glue guy production alongside terrific athletes in Wall and Beal. Brown would provide some scoring off the bench, Telfair would give the Wizards their most reliable backup point guard option, and Johnson stays the season as filler before leaving the NBA unlikely to ever return again. The Wizards want to make the playoffs and with a healthy Wall, the roster with Gortat and Dudley could make a serious advance in terms of standings in the playoffs.

For the Suns the motivation is obvious: clear up cap space as Okafor has an ETO and Ariza has a player option, nab another lottery pick, and measure whether or not Vesely is really a bust (At this point in the season, Vesely has more fouls than points.) When I look at Vesely, who is 6'11, I can't help but think about Andrei Kirilenko; Vesely is hyper athletic, extremely quick and very long; he isn't a twiner because he at 6'11 and 240 pounds he can play the PF, but he is also fast and athletic enough to play the SF. However, it just hasn't worked out for either party and a new start could be in order. Aside from Vesely, potentially getting the #1 and 4 pick in the draft could be huge in terms of taking a step towards relevancy once again.

Trade #2: Trade Gortat for Shawn Marion, Darren Collison, and an Unprotected 2013 pick. The Mavericks will have an abundance of Cap Space with which they can use to lobby for Howard, Bynum, or Chris Paul despite none of the above expressing an explicit desire to play there. Gortat is a significantly better player than Chris Kaman, who is not signed on past this season. The Mavericks are going to have to pony a ton of cash if they hope to retain O.J Mayo,who can opt out of this contract atfer the season, which will eat into how much they can offer a Paul or a Howard, but aside from that, no one is going to eat Marion's contract out right and they have already used their amnesty on Brendan Haywood. As such, the Mavs are not likely to have very much use for a rapidly aging Shawn Marion, so as long as they have the monetary obligation, they might as pay it to a better long term prospect in Gortat. Moreover, they won't have much use for a lottery pick player who won't be able to make an immediate contribution. Also, Carlisle doesn't like Collison very much; he tried so many different lineups in hopes of minimizing Collison's play time, even resorting to start the 50 trillion year old Derek Fisher.

For the Suns, Marion will certainly opt out and sign with a contender ( He would be a great back up to Loul Deng for his hometown team Chicago Bulls.) . At this pace, the Mavericks are likely to end up with the 11th pick in the draft, but they could finish with a pick as high as 9th overall. Just like the last trade, the Suns get a lottery pick while also clearing up more cap space to make a potential run at a big time free agent. In Collison, the Suns would get an excellent backup point guard on an expiring deal. He wont get a very large offer from any team, but that doesn't mean he has little valueAlong with Dudley, and a combination of picks, he could be used to make an enticing offer for Danny Granger or a Danny Granger type player.

Trade #3: Suns Receive: Kevin Love, Brandon Roy T'wolves Receive: Josh Smith, Eric Gordon Hornets Receive: Jared Dudley, Devin Harris, Shannon Brown, multiple picks Hawks Receive: Marcin Gortat, Derrick Williams. This trade is entirely convoluted and complex. The T'wolves not only get a stellar power forward to replace Love but also the wing player they have for so long coveted. Eric Gordon can score, nail the three, and attack the Basket; the T'wolves would be hella fun to watch with Rubio, Kirlilenko, Smith and Gordon running a highlight factory.

The Hawks get a project player in Williams ,who has played well since Love went down after re-fracturing his hand, and a solid Center to help slide Horford over to his natural power forward position. The Hawks need a starting caliber SF and maybe Williams can develop into just that.

The Suns get a franchise player in Love and the remnants of what used to be a franchise player in Roy. Maybe the Suns training staff could help Roy get back on the court and play some minutes here and there but that would be a best case scenario. The centerpiece of this deal for the Suns is obviously the superbly talented Love, whose presence would go a long way in attracting other free agents and would be a great complement alongside Dragic and potentially Shabazz Muhammad.

The Hornets probably get the butt end of this deal, but I'm not so sure about it. Devin Harris can play, he just hasn't been this season. He too closely replicates what Teague does to be effective, but with Williams out for the season with a torn acl, Harris can raise his stock. Harris would make for an excellent backup one, something NO clearly lacks. Gordon has expressed his desire to leave NO as we all know, and he would get his wish in this deal while the Hornets open the gates of Rivers, who has not played well but still has potential. Dudley provides dynamism to the Hornets incredibly talented front court in Lopez, Davis, and Anderson. Dudley would push Aminu's solid rebounding and defending game to the bench, while Brown adds a sound scoring punch. The picks are a sweetener for the Hornets as they won't easily part with Gordon.

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