With Rondo Out...

The whole Gortat trade scenario gets thrown on its head. What if something like this was proposed?

Suns: D. Cousins, F. Melo, L. Barbosa and T. Honeycutt
Celtics: Marcin Gortat, Tyreke Evans, Sebastian Telfair

Kings: Rajon Rondo, Shannon Brown, Suns' Minnesota 1st Round Pick, Boston's 2013 or 2014 First Round Pick

The Celtics seemingly quietly shopped Rondo before, and now that he's hurt, and given the construction of the team, it seems like they would be more than willing to pull the trigger on a Rondo trade if it made them a better contender for this season. And it is hard to argue they wouldn't be. They'd get a center to pair with Garnett, a starting PG (which they are without for the season, given Rondo's torn ACL), and a bench point guard, which they at the moment don't have, unless you count Jason Terry or Avery Bradley as a point guard. While Evans is no Rondo, that's a moot point, because Rondo is out for the season regardless, and he's better than the guards they have on the roster. Playing with the established personalities in Boston might help to unlock his potential, like it did with Rondo.

From the Suns' perspective, its somewhat of a salary dump, but also an attempt to get younger. Cousins would have one year left on his low contract, during which time they could see what they have and whether or not he's the center of the future. Fab Melo would be a developmental prospect, but he's a legitimate 7 footer with 3 years left on a really solid contract, so there doesn't seem to be much downside with him. Barbosa is a rental and a salary balancer, but he is part of the Suns family and is on a really, really low contract. Honeycutt is a totally developmental prospect who showed some upside and has a really favorable contract, as well. All in all, its a salary swap that nets us some young and particularly solid talent.

Sacramento, while looking like they get the worst out of the deal, might get the most from it. If the sale goes through, parting with Tyreke Evans (who they have been shopping anyway, it seems) and Cousins (who has well documented attitude and authority problems) might be the way to turn ship and set out anew in Seattle. They'd be getting a franchise face, a player likely to be a perennial all-star for the next 5-7 years. The toss in of Shannon Brown is just that, a salary balancing toss in, though he might work well and fill in the hole at SG (Francisco Garcia is the only true SG on the roster at the moment, and even he is more akin to a SF). The two first round picks give the Kings somewhat of a legitimate chance to rebuild the team going into Seattle.

We know Boston had expressed interest in Gortat, and that there had been deals thrown around left and right. We know the Suns had some reservations. We also know there have been rumors of the Celtics shopping Rondo in the past, and of the Kings shopping both Cousins and Evans in the past. This doesn't seem that far fetched, given the current situation in Sacramento, Boston and Phoenix. What are some thoughts?

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