Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash Have Differing Opinions On The Offense

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

After a tough loss to the Suns the Lakers seem to have lost their momentum, but more importantly are not on the same page in terms of offensive strategy, health, and the overall concept of team.

Well, part of the problem with the Los Angeles Lakers (20-26) may be that they are not on the same page internally, so therefore are not producing on game day.

After a tough loss to a struggling Phoenix Suns (16-30) team that has let their head coach go, rebuilt the coaching staff, and moved in a different direction with their players roles, the team has to be searching.

Part of the problem is the perception of the offense.

When asked about the offense Steve Nash labeled it "stagnant" and elaborated on his role with the team.

"I think I can help. I definitely think I can score and setup my teammates especially in the fourth quarter I can take some pressure off of Kobe (Bryant). Those are things we still have to work out and find that balance."

Basically what the two-time MVP, six time assist leader, and arguably the best all-around shooter in NBA history is saying is that he can do something more on the court than sitting on the perimeter waiting for an open shot. Steve Nash has been reduced to this teams Steve Kerr, or Steve Blake.

On the flip side of that there is Kobe Bryant who feels this team is utilizing Nash to his full potential on offense.

"We get it to him and he penetrates and makes plays for others. He shoots when he has opportunities -- I think he's doing well."

Right now Nash is averaging his lowest point total in 13 years (11.5), lowest assist total in nine years, and has the third lowest usage rate in his 16 year career.

Is that using Steve Nash to his potential on offense?


Other Lakers News Bullets:

*Dwight Howard re-injured his right shoulder tonight in the third quarter. He described the injury as "really sore and besides the first one, the most painful." when he injured the shoulder.

The treatment for this?

"Rest. Try not to get into positions where I can hurt it, but that is hard when I am playing."

Will you need to sit out?

"I don't want to, but we'll see."

Will you shut it down?

"I never said anything about shutting it down."

Howard needs rest and time to heal his shoulder, but is not thinking about taking anytime off, or surgery, or shutting it down in general. The injury is fresh, but a lot of contradictions here from Howard.


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