Hey guys. So, we kind of suck right now. There are no miracles in sight and we'll probably suck for some time.

That being said, we can improve by doing little things. One of them is trading for talent. Of course, we can't trade Luke Zeller for Kevin Durant straight up, that would never work due to cap rules. However, there are some talented players out there we could try to make a run for.

Look at our roster, which guys are the really talented ones?It is a bit strange, but Jermaine O'Neal is probably the most talented one, skill-wise. Of course, overall Gortat is superior to him, he has physical and mental tools Jermaine has long left behind, but there is a reason O'Neal closes some of our games, in the post he is really skilled.

We are 4-5 in close games this season. First of all, the Suns are the team with the most of these in the league. That means something. While we suck, we aren't anywhere near the worst teams. It's just that most teams have talented players that can close games for them.

Back to the point this fanshot was writen in the first place, there are talented guys out there who could be useful. One of them is MarShon Brooks.

The two plays below came out just today, as Brooks made it out of Avery Johnson's doghouse after he got fired and start playing for the new interim coach.

MarShon Brooks : #FreeMarShon (via hart4basketball)

"A lot of Swag Tonight" : MarShon Brooks (via hart4basketball)

His style has been compared to Kobe's. Of course, he isn't as talented as Kobe. But he is clearly more talented than other guys who play like Kobe himself (Nick Young or even our own Shannon Brown).

While he relies too much on Isos and sometimes tries too much to do everything by himself, he is a talented player. Bad luck to him that the russian owner has a boatload of money and wants to win, as he brought in guys like Deron Williams and Joe Johnson who took out the kid's playing time. So, even though he started playing again, he is probably still in the market. Adding to that, he has a great rookie contract with three years left.

The biggest problem would be the price of such a trade. Not that they have MarShon in such high rank, but their biggest need is probably at PF. And while we have some of those, they'd probably want Kieff, as he could space the floor and be a player for them in the future also. Other options might include looking for a third team and taking Humphries overvalued contract of them ($24M until 2014), which can be interesting as we'd have a 12M expiring for the stacked 2014 summer.

So, what do you think? Would you try a trade with the Nets?

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