Looking (Power) Forward

Looking (Power) Forward

Over the years, the Suns have had quite a cast of Characters at the Power Forward position.

They have posessed the intimidation of Maurice Lucas, The robust rebounding of Truck Robinson, the Bravado and Joy of charles Barkley

and the ariel assault of Amare.

With the iflux of younger and younger centers and power forwards into the leage over the past decade or so, we see players with fewer fundamentals of post play. Since

Most general managers have to "win now or else"; they are faced with an unattractive choice: Play young bigs and try to help them learn on the fly, or

let them languish on the beanch. With the new Suns management team in place, the team is well positioned to avoid this predicament and to find the right PF.

But who will be the right guy?

There are a few candidates already on the roster. Miles Plumlee showed impressive flashes for the Pacers, but was traded because he was buried

on the depth chart there. So far, he has been doing a pretty good impresion of Chris (Birdman) Anderson in the first

few preseason outings. He throws it down eye level with the rim. He runs the floor as if his nether regions are aflame. He blocks shots with extreme

prejudice. But will he look big and bad once he is playing against NBA talent?

Markief Morris looks like a power forward. 6-9 and 240ish pounds. But he does not play as though he's got a job to do.

He will have a five min. span where he looks like Cliff Robinson on a good day.

Then he'll miss a block-out, blow a rotation, or hoist up a three with the shooting touch of Chris Dudley.

If the coaching staff is serious about "running the sh**t" out of the NBA once again, the best candidate is the "Frye Guy". His inside game and especially

his rebounding are south of average, but his "supershoot" is cold blooded and pure enough to Channing all over your highlights. The question here is how much

time does Frye get? This is a man with a heart condition that was serious enough to shut him down for a long time last year. If he plays starter

mins, this writer thinks that it won't happen 'til January.

Of the 2014 draft candidates, I like Julius Randle and Jabari Parker. Randle is nearly a "can't miss" player because he is a wide load with

a good assortment of offensive mooves. Parker could be a David West type of Forward. He has much more range as a shooter than West, and really threads

the ball through the resulting passing lanes.

This writer believes that the next headlining PF for the Suns comes via trade or the draft. In the meantime, Channing Frye will spread the floor and

help open the driving lanes for Bledsoe and Company.

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