Suns VS Sixers : The tanking mismatch

Our savy Dave King recently wrote a piece about the different approach a team could take when they are starting the process of tanking, putting in example the Sixers which have open the doors to loss big time, not that far of that reality the once revolutionary Phoenix Suns stand, with a roster of 18 players in which only Eric Bledsoe have the small chance to receive an all star invitation, a newbie coach and brand new management.

How is the situation any different? Last season the Sixers finished 34-48 and Suns 25-57, they were both bad teams on the run for a playoff spot, both teams took chances on new comers, Suns bet on two veteran players Luis Scola and Jermaine O'neal, and still young rejected and failed Minny projects Wesley Johnson and Michael Beasley while the Sixers took the greatest chance trading really good assets and ended up losing, here is the picture:

Sixers Trade in and out

OUT: Nikola Vucevic, Maurice Harkless, Andre Iguodala and 1st round pick.

IN: Andrew Bynum.

At the moment it didn't look as turrible as right now but the trade played this way, Nikola Vucevic had a breakout year in Orlando and became a great center recording 13 ppg and 12 rpg, Harkless who is bad shooter flashed scoring ability, needless to say Andre Iguodala went and have a stellar season in Denver setting a 55 wins franchise record.

Bynum did not play one single game with the Sixers and they still managed to win 9 more games than the Suns with the key losses of Louis William ( went to Atlanta) Elton Brand (Dallas) and Jodie Meeks (Lakers)

After both teams mighty burned out, they renewed the management and started a rebuilding process, which consists in tanking. The Suns got Ryan McDonough and Philly got Sam Hinkie. This two have some similiraties, they both come from teams that tanked succesfully Ryan (Boston) and Hinkie (Houston), they were the 2nd hand of their respective past teams and both guys are hardcore analytics dudes. Sam Hinkie resume is somehow more impressive since he actually gives lectures to the best colleges in U.S still both have made strides and good moves that led them to their actual position.

As we can see both GMs inherited really awful rosters with little pieces to move, Ryan had a good draft pick while Hinkie had an all star to trade, both guys eyed the bigs in the past draft, which was label as one of the weakest, Suns had the choice of picking the ''next Ray Allen'' Ben McLemore or grabbing the guy the media had talked up for months Nerlens Noel, despite those two, he took a chance with the Alex Len, a center that has a good overall game which leans more to a defensive-agile center, in the other hand Hinkie traded Jrue Holiday and 2nd round pick for the New Orleans Pelican pick, so he took probably the guy with the most potential in the draft, Nerlens Noel, a super athletic guy, who had little offensive game but was the best defensive force on the NCAA. Nerlens displayed a much better passing, rebounding and energetic game, while Len looked more polished on offense with a lesser team and ankles that limited his game, this is big part of why Len ranked as the best player in the draft in Ryan's board, a guy that could shoot, defend, run in a bad team with injured posting good numbers ? McD Hammered him.

The jury is out on those two, however let us concentrate on the tanking part of the article, Ryan got rid of Michael Beasley and Wesley, sent Dudley and pick for mini freakish athletic version of Tony Allen Lebron James, acquired the pick of Indiana for Luis Scola while sucking the contract of Gerald Green and receiving Miles Plumlee. He also retained the services of Shannon Brown and brought Nunally and Dionte Christmas ( Who he seems to have to like a lot) both for shooting purposes.

Hinkie did as much as he could, he drafted with the Sixers pick Michael Carter Williams, who seems to be a taller, more athletic version of Kendall Marshall if you ask me. Added Royce White, who is said to be a talented player as small ball PF who has been out of court due to his mental ilness, battling anxiety. The rest of the players that seem to have potential for a decent NBA career are Arnett Moultrie (Defensive minded center) Tony Wrotten a slasher guard.

Sam Hinkie has little players that could evolve into useful players or decent trade bait, while the Ryan managed still has great center that will be likely be trade soon in Gortat, a great trade piece in Eric Bledsoe and other small fillers like the Morri, P.J Tucker should be a player that every team would love to have.

The big difference is that the Suns have been preaching development because they can, Dragic could and should become a better player this year, Eric Bledsoe is expected to make the big leap, The Morri are capable of doing much better, Kendall Marshall is set to showcase his passing ability in a offense that fits him better than any ther player in roster, Archie Goodwin and Len will have a rough year but the pontetial is there, the unlike heroes also have a decent shot of at least making it, Plumlee bringing a good motor, Dionte could finally fit as bench scorer, Gerald Green could go back to his New Jersey good days.

In a much darker contrast, Hinkie only got Evan Turner to make the leap, good potential though. Lance Blanks and Babby got 3 picks out of Steve Nash but still left a more workable roster for Ryan.This will sound cliche but it's not fair to compare the Ryan McDonough way with the Sam Hinkie only route, because Hinkie had little sources and options to work around. So i guess you could say

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