Suns now have the most epic and electric backcourt in the NBA:  DragonBlade

I thought it was time to write a post exploring our new backcourt: DragonBlade. What's it all about? Why such a metaphorical moniker?

First, you have the Dragon. Most of you know that is our beloved Goran's nickname, but did you know that it was Steve Nash that awarded him this allegorical appellation? Here's a very good article on this: here

Personally, I find the Dragon to be a very fitting nickname. Here are three reasons:

1. It plays off his last name as many good nicknames do. Dragic the Dragon has a catchy ring to it.

2. It's perfect for a Suns player. First, phoenixes and dragons both look alike and are both mythical beings (sorry, guys). The phoenix is raised from the ashes. Dragic was raised from the ashes in Phoenix as he was let go and then came back to lead our team. The sun is also one of the hottest stars, and a dragon is associated with heat and flames just like a phoenix or the sun.

3. Just like a dragon can get hot and spew flames, so can Goran. Just ask the Spurs. We may never have a Sun who has such a fiery explosion again as that crazy 23-point fourth quarter destroying a very good Spurs defense in the playoffs. Stuff of legend.

So in addition to the Dragon, you then have Bledsoe, whom I have given the name "Blade." Here are three reasons:

1. Again, it plays off his last name. Eric "Blade" Bledsoe. It is a nice, brief nickname with a memorable ring to it. You want nicknames to be effortless to pronounce and also short but packing a lot of punch, just like Bledsoe.

2. Bledsoe's offense and defense are both like the swift blade of a sword. On offense, his strength is knifing through defenders to the hoop. He cuts through them like nobody's business. On defense, he slices in for steals and blocks. He is so fast you almost don't even see him, just like the sharp, quick blade from an accomplished swordsman.

3. The movie hero "Blade." It's been a long time since I saw any of these movies, but I remember Snipes as a quiet assassin. He wasn't an eloquent speaker that would wax poetic, but he was a badass and a hero. To me, that's Bledsoe. This guy is a quiet leader who just goes out and gets it done.

So there you have it. Dragon and Blade combine to form an electric backcourt and a swift, double-bladed sword capable of spewing dragon's fire at any time. Let's hope DragonBlade fares better for the Suns than Backcourt 2000. Personally, I believe they will. In the open court, they will be ripping and cutting their way to the hoop at will. The Dragon will lead the team in scoring and be one of our better 3-pt shooters. He is capable of heating up and spewing fire at any time.

On defense, Blade will lead the way, slicing in for steals and blocks before the poor ballhandler even knows what hits him. Blade will lead the league in steals and our backcourt will have the most combined steals/blocks in the league among starting backcourts. If their position D is also solid, they will easily be one of the very best defensive backcourts. On offense this season, they will be a bit closer to the middle of the pack in terms of scoring numbers and such but still solid. Overall, they are certainly the strength of our team and very capable of succeeding just like KJ and Hornacek. When Bledsoe develops that shot, they will be deadly. We just need to fill out the rest of the team around them. But DragonBlade is coming, and it will be epic. Be ready.

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